KEMOVE K61/K64 Ares Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Written by Lucas

Last updated Jul 12, 2023

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When I first started using this keyboard I noticed some things were wrong. I had ordered brown switches on this keyboard, and it came with red switches instead. I thought this might just have been a mistake and I let it pass by. But this keyboard costs around $100 and if you pay that much for a keyboard you would expect a good quality keyboard with nothing wrong. When I first used this keyboard the Win and Alt keys were switched around and the left Ctrl key didn’t work. These are just a few things I want to let you who are reading this review know.

This keyboard is hot swappable, which allows you to switch out the key switches fast and easy if one stops working or starts ghosting. This keyboard is also wireless and can connect up to 3 devices simultaneously.  The keyboard comes with a good quality key switch puller and USB-C to USB-A cable. The keyboard has 4 different colors and two different switch types to choose from when purchasing.


 This keyboard has a very strong design. Made out of T6 Grade aluminum alloy material this keyboard has one of the sturdiest designs that I have ever seen on a keyboard. The keycaps are made from durable and non-slip double shot PBT which makes for a long-lasting durable keycap. I do find this keyboard a little tall for my liking. My wrist ends up in an awkward position when gaming leading to wrist cramping. It would have been nice if KEMOVE would have given a wrist wrest along with the keyboard.


I had a lot of performance issues with this keyboard. I have found multiple keys switched up upon arrival, and one key did not work. The keyboard’s RGB was also a little tricky to figure out as the instructions were not very clear. 

At checkout you can choose what kind of switches you want with this keyboard. Here is a quick run though of all the switch options included with this board.  

 Brown Switch  

The Brown Switch is my personal favorite, it is a lighter tactile switch with a 45-gram activation force and a lifecycle of 50 million keypresses. This brown switch is a tactile switch, which means that you will feel a slight bump as you press down on the key. This switch is not too loud, and it is does not have a heavy activation force which is nice for gaming.  I find these the best middle ground between typing and gaming, which I do a lot of both!  

 Red Switch  

The Red switch is a linear switch with a 45-gram activation force and a lifecycle of 50 million keypresses. As I said above a linear switch means that you do not feel a bump when you press down the key. This is a great switch for gaming, because its linear and it has a light activation force. I find these a little light for typing, but other than that they are a good all-around switch. I do find these particular red switches to be rather light and mushy along with a shorter activation distance compared to others which at times can be annoying.


Overall, I do not highly recommend this keyboard. Like I said above, this is a higher priced keyboard, and so if you pay that price you expect a fairly good keyboard. I unfortunately did not get this experience. When the keyboard arrived it had the wrong switches, and multiple keys didn’t work. A different kind of switch to what I had ordered was on the board when it arrived. The instructions I found were hard to follow. If this keyboard was even half its price I don’t think I would recommend it to you. 

  • Switches
  • Backlight
  • Comfort 
  • Durability 
  • Overall

The Pros

  • Sturdy design 
  • Good switches
  • Quality keycaps
  • Hot swappable switches  

    The Cons

    • Major performance issues (ghosting, and 1 key not even working)
    • Not very good price VS performance
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    September 12, 2022 8:33 pm

    Perfect article!Perfect item!

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