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Last updated Feb 14, 2020

Kingston's HyperX Cloud Revolver has turned out to be an awesome gaming headset that's left a great impression over the course of my time reviewing it. Not only does it have a nice, wide soundstage, but it also pounds the bass and comes equipped with a detachable mic.

But, not everything is golden for this high-end headset, there are definitely some flaws and downsides that I experienced during my time using it.

HyperX Cloud Revolver

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  • hyperx cloud revolver review
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Sound Quality

Mic Quality




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The Good
  • Lightweight & Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Big 50mm drivers
  • Pounds the bass
  • Detachable mic
  • Braided cables
  • Very soft earcups
  • Looks great
The Bad
  • Earcups don't swivel
  • Suspended headband is a little weak
  • In-line control comes unplugged too easily
  • 2x 3-pole jacks on the in-line control opposed to 1x 4-pole

Kingston's HyperX Cloud Revolver gaming headset is an awesome unit for the right person, others might not like it so much. It would be nice to see a USB/4-pole option.

  • Drivers: 50mm Neomydium
  • Operating principle: Closed back
  • Frequency response: 12Hz–28,000 Hz
  • Nominal impedance: 30 Ω
  • Mic Sensitivity: -40dBV (0dB=1V/Pa,1kHz)
  • Weight: 13.2 ounces / .82lb
  • Cable length and type: 3m, Braided
  • Connection: Dual 3.5mm 3-pole jacks / Single 4-pole to in-line control


I'm going to start this off by stating that I did receive the HyperX Cloud Revolver as a review sample, which essentially means I received the unit for free. That said, regardless of how anything is obtained for a review on PC Game Haven, the result will always be unbiased and objective.

hyperx-cloud-revolver-review-5Upon receiving the HyperX Cloud Revolver, I was immediately impressed by the high-quality and great looking packaging. On lower priced peripherals, the packaging doesn't matter so much, but in more expensive units like the Cloud Revolver, I like to have that high-quality experience right from the start, which includes opening that box up. Not only that, but I'm the kind of person who likes to put stuff back into it's original packaging when I'm not using it, I don't know if you do the same thing, but it's a good way to keep things in good condition for a long time.

There's not much in the way of extras inside the box and you really only get the basics. Other headsets in the same price range offer things like carrying cases, and multiple connection options, but not with the Cloud Revolver. One thing that I really would have loved to see is multiple connection options beyond the in-line control as the dual 3-pole setup can be inconvenient at times.


hyperx cloud revolver reviewWhen it comes to performance, the HyperX Cloud Revolver definitely deliver. Not only do they offer a relatively impressive soundstage thanks partly to their closed back design, but those 50mm drivers pound the bass if you happen to be using them for music/movies or you just enjoy feeling gunshots and explosions in games instead of just hearing them. Unamplified, the Cloud Revolver offer what I would consider some of the best sound quality that you can get out of a gaming headset at this level.

The microphone isn't anything that's going to blow your mind, but it's not going to let you down either.. Unless the in-line control happens to come unplugged, which I'll get into further down the page. Other than that, the mic is relatively average without swaying in any one direction in terms of recording quality. The noise cancellation feature works well and the fact that it's detachable is a big plus.

All-in-all, judging the Cloud Revolver on their performance alone, it's ultimately an impressive unit if you're looking for a high-quality experience. But, don't pull the trigger just yet, because there might be some design features that you're not entirely happy about.


The overall look and feel of the HyperX Cloud Revolver is great, seriously. But, that doesn't mean they're perfect, and some people might even really dislike them based on the headband style alone.

In my experience with suspended headphones like the Cloud Revolver, the headbands are almost always too lose / not strong enough to actually support the headset if you have a small head and it eventually sags until the earcups are resting on your ears instead of over them - not very comfortable. But, if you have a big head like I do, this might not be a huge issue and you might actually like the suspended headband style, but if you have a small head, you'll probably be happier with a fixed headband unit.

Another small-ish downside I noticed was the rather loose connection between the headset's 4-pole 3.5mm jack and the in-line control. The 4-pole jack has a tendency to slip out of the in-line controller ever so slightly (regardless if the control is clipped on your shirt, or left hanging), this happens a little too easily and causes the mic to stop working every time. It doesn't have to come out much either, only a few mm - the pics below show what I mean.

With that out of the way, I'm a big fan of how the Cloud Revolver looks, it's very rigid and looks somewhat aggressive, which is great in my opinion. The red & black color scheme is something that lots of us enjoy, and it works great on this headset. The subtle accenting on the exterior of the earcup and in the stitching of the headband really bring everything together.

The thin steel frame is both lightweight and durable, it's actually one solid piece from earcup to earcup, which really adds to the overall appeal of the Revolver. I found the earcups super comfortable and very comfortable to wear with glasses for extended periods. I didn't have any issues with the headband sagging, and I definitely didn't mind wearing the Revolver for extended periods.

I'm not going to lie, I was pretty worried about how the mic would feel when I was initially looking at the Cloud Revolver, it looked like it was made out of hard plastic and ultimately like something low quality and just.. bleh. So, it's safe to say that I had some pretty low expectations. But wow, was I ever wrong. The mic is actually one of the nicer feeling ones that I've used so far and it's comprised mostly of a flexible rubber material that feels anything but low quality - and like I mentioned before, it works well to boot.

The German engineering shines through in a very durable, yet lightweight feeling headset that not only works great, but has to looks to match, as long as you're a fan of the headband style and the overall aesthetics.


hyperx-cloud-revolver-reviewAt the end of the day, Kingston's HyperX Cloud Revolver is a top-notch gaming headset if you're alright with some of the minor caveats I've laid down. The sound quality is great, the mic works well, and the overall look & feel gives us something that a lot of people will really enjoy using.

If you're in the market for a headset around the $120 mark, then you might want to consider putting some thought into the HyperX Cloud Revolver. In any event, I hope you found this review somewhat informative and that it helped to answer some of the questions you might have had. If it didn't, feel free to ask me below!

HyperX Cloud Revolver
Gaming Headset

- Great Sound Quality
- Lots of Comfort
8.7 / 10

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