Where to Get the Ladder Recipe | How to Craft A Ladder

Written by Branton

May 25, 2020

Welcome, good-looking people. So you’ve played Animal Crossing a bunch now and it’s already one of your favorites games and you’re obsessed! It’s a few days have passed and you’re like, I need, I want this, I want this sweet, sweet ladder.

Right? You’ve got the pole. It’s day two. You’re given the pole. You got the ability to make shovels and polls from Blathers, but you can’t make a ladder. You keep going up here, and you want to get up there. I want to get up there. So I’ll run through the steps to get the ladder so you can do this. Here is one of many of our animal crossing tips.

How to Get the Ladder Recipe in Five Days

animal crossing ladder recipe

Here is a summary, but we outline each of the steps in more detail.

  1. Day 1 – donate creatures to Tom Nook
  2. Day 2 -Donate creatures to Blathers to get the museum built
  3. Day 3 – Wait for museum
  4. Day 4 -Donate and Get resources to build Nook’s Cranny
  5. Day 5 -Build a BUNCH of things

To craft a ladder, you’ll need 4 wood, 4 softwood, and 4 hardwood after you get the recipe.

Day 1

So on day one, you want to donate a bunch of stuff to Tom Nook. And he would say, Oh, I’ll get Blathers to come. Then you’ll pick an area where Blathers can have his tent set up.

Day 2

Day two rocks up, Blathers is in your town. Excellent, great. Hanging out with Blathers. Donate a bunch of stuff to him, and then he’ll be like, Oh, I’ll get the museum built.

Day 3

animal crossing museum brown

Next day, the museum will be under construction.

Day 4

standing in front of timmy's green tent

Then the next day after that, you’ll have the museum. Tommy and Timmy, Timmy specifically, we’ll be in the little hut here, in the little tent and he’ll be like, Oh, I want to build, Nook’s Cranny, but we need 30 wood, 30 hardwood, and 30 iron nuggets. Iron nuggets are very hard to come by. So you’re going to go on a bunch of Island tours, get iron nuggets. The hardwood and wood, easy peasy. Iron nuggets, you’ll go to all these islands. You’ll get all your iron nuggets. You’ll give them to Timmy, then he’ll go, great, Nook’s Cranny will be open tomorrow.

Day 5

nook ink construction sign

You do the Nook’s cranny opening. Tom and Nook will be like, yay, great, Nook’s Cranny is open.

And now, I want to place some plots. I want to build a bridge and place some plots. So you’ll build a bridge, and once you get across the bridge, he’ll be like, cool, go ahead place some plots out there and pick some areas for future residents to come and live. inventory of housing kits

You’ll go ahead do that. You’ll get given these bags to go and place these plot housing kits. And you go out and you place them out there. And he’ll say, we need to place furniture in these homes. We can’t have an unfurnished. You need to place furniture. So you have these construction things and be like, oh, we need to check the interior items that we’ve got to add. We’ve got to add these things. So these aren’t things, you’re just going to randomly buy, he wants you to make them. So this is where you’ll get your ladder. He’ll give you a bunch of recipes to make furniture. Yippee, furniture. We’ll add these furnitures to these homes because that’s what Tom Nook wants. But he’ll also give you the recipe for a ladder. So that is how you get the ladder.


It’ll take you five days. If you’re a time traveler, it’ll take you… let’s see, it took me 11 hours, I believe, to get to this point. The hardest part is getting those iron nuggets, going around smacking rocks and hoping to get lucky. But that is how you get the ladder. I hope this helps. I can’t see why it wouldn’t. And yeah, five days minimum to get this bad boy. So be patient, work hard, go smack some rocks out.

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