Mad Max – Terrifying Sandstorm (Not Darude)

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One of the games I’m really looking forward to playing this September is Mad Max, until I remember that it was published by Warner Bros, and I have horrifying flashbacks of Arkham Knight…

All pessimism aside, the gameplay footage (albiet on PS4) looks smooth, and the concept looks great. One of the things I caught on to right away was the idea of active sandstorms, and that’s exactly what was featured in this footage done by IGN.

They come on randomly, and bring with them insane electrical storms that completely obliterate anything that gets hit by one of the massive bolts of lightning. There are also special loot crates which only appear in sandstorms, and apparently contain massive amounts of salvage. Unfortunately we weren’t able to see exactly how much because Max was struck by lightning and killed while kicking open the crate. RIP

Even though Mad Max is being published by WB, I have hope that they learned from the cruddy release of Arkham Knight, and that the release of Mad Max will go well. I guess only time will tell, and we will have to wait and see.

What are your thoughts? Do you think WB is going to release a stable Mad Max on PC, or are we going to have another relapse of Arkham Knight’s terror? Let us know in the comment section! 

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