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The Mafia III(3) official trailer was released this week at Gamescon 2015, and a bit of gameplay was also shown to a select group of people. But, judging by their first impressions, I don’t know if I’m too sold, yet. Hearing about cars exploding upon impact, or flipping and exploding after a tire is shot out, really turned me off of Mafia 3 because driving is said to be a primary focus. I’m not sure if that says much about the rest of the game, or not.

Enough talk about my own personal problems, and let’s get down to what we now know about Mafia III.

Mafia III takes place in a reimagined 1968 New Orleans, a very controversial time-period in a part of the USA which was chalked full of it’s own tensions, mostly racial. Let’s hope 2K can tackle this topic.. tactfully. If not, they might be setting themselves up to take a lot of hate from a lot of people. 2K’s version of New Orleans isn’t identical though, and they’ve added their own ideas here and there, to tie everything in to the Mafia story-line a bit better.

The main character is a Vietnam war veteran named Lincoln Clay, who has just returned home from active-duty, and is looking for someplace to belong. Being orphaned as a child, Lincoln never had a “family” to call his own, until he connected with 2Ks version of New Orlean’s black mob and found his “home”. Unfortunately, Lincolns happiness was short-lived and his new family is betrayed by the Italian mafia, an event which sets Lincoln on a personal vendetta.


Vito Confirmed

As the story progresses you have to guide Lincoln on his path to vengeance while taking over New Orleans, 1 district at a time – Where have we seen this setup before? Oh right, everywhere. Along the way, you meet other like-minded gangsters who you inevitably ally with. Yes, Vito from Mafia II is one of them, but it’s quite a while after the events of Mafia II, so he’s aged a bit.

I’m not going to lie, the story sounds incredible, and it leaves you wanting to find out more. Let’s just hope 2K can deliver a gameplay experience that can live up to the riveting story-line, and really do it justice. Even if the game completely sucks, I’ll probably still finish it just because the story sounds so damn interesting.

All-in-all, I’m not 100% sure what to think about Mafia III, yet. Hearing people’s first impressions on the gameplay left me doubting things, but the story has me captivated, so I guess we will have to see how things turn out when it finally releases sometime in 2016.

What do you think? Are you hyped for Mafia 3? Why, or why not? What do you want to see in it? Let us know in the comment section! 

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