Metal Gear Solid 5 : E3 2015 Alternate Gameplay Demo

Updated: July 8th, 2015By: BrantonGaming & News, MiscLeave a Comment

If you’ve been anticipating Metal Gear Solid 5 at all, then I’m sure you’ve already watched the first gameplay demo from this year’s E3 convention. Well, here’s some gameplay from the exact same mission, but a couple of alternate ways to complete the mission.

Both stealth and loud options are explored, as well as a bunch of different weapons, uniforms and ways to actually get to your objective. From a day-time stealth mission, to an early-morning guns blazing minigun blasting raid, all tactics are explored.

All in all, Metal Gear Solid 5 looks amazing, and is definitely going to deliver a few hours of fun, if nothing else.

It’s set to release on Sept 1st on both consoles and PC, and is hopefully going to feature the same amazing optimization that Ground Zeroes has.

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