Mordhau is already 2x bigger than Chivalry ever was

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Mordhau hammered through its first week of Early Access to become the #10 most popular game on Steam. Impressive. Not only that, but it’s also destroyed any record that Chivalry set for the genre – by two-fold.

Plus, it’s already sold just shy of 500,000 copies!


At its peak (and during a free giveaway), Chivalry brought in a decent 25,145 concurrent players according to SteamCharts. But, that was all the way back in March 2017. Prior to that, the last time Chivalry brought in more than 20,000 concurrent players was January 2013.

Considering Chivalry was really the only option for a medieval fighting game until For Honor came out, you can safely assume that the genre wasn’t super popular. With For Honor in mind, it technically had a peak concurrent player count of 216,499, but that only lasted 1-month and the following month’s peak was 37,553. Last 30-days? Well, For Honor has only seen a peak of 12,506 concurrent players – through Steam exclusively.

On the other hand, Mordhau is currently sitting with a peak of 60,204 concurrent players. 47,309 are playing as I write this. Of course, things could change and it could nosedive in the coming weeks, but for now, it’s currently the #10 most popular game on Steam and destroying everything else in the genre.

If we’re talking averages over the lifespan of a game, Chivalry has only averaged 4801 concurrent players since September 2012. Through Steam, For Honor has only averaged 18,923 since February 2017.

Long story short, it’ll be interesting to see where Mordhau goes. So far, I’ve played a bit and I’ve enjoyed it. It’s basically Chivalry but better in a lot of ways – and worse in some. The customization is amazing, the combat is really good (mostly), and overall the gameplay is a lot of fun – even the BR mode is enjoyable, something that I’m genuinely surprised about. The graphics are even really decent, minus an extremely short LOD – it’s like 10ft. But, that’s all another topic for another post.

Do you think Mordhau is going to surpass 60k concurrent players? Think it’ll hit 100k? Let me know in the comments!

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