No Man’s Sky – E3 2015 Stage Demo

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No Man’s Sky is a sci-fi open-world sandbox which is heavy on the sci-fi. You’re able to fly around the galaxy in a spaceship, scouting and landing on whatever planets you come across, for resources and other things you may need. Oh, and yes, you can get out of your ship.

The world of No Man’s Sky is absolutely massive, in fact, it’s essentially limitless. It’s so big, that it even has it’s own periodic table of elements entirely separate from Earths. It’s an online based game, but even the creator says the online element is just a small portion of the game, and it’s not the sole purpose.

The sole purpose of the game is to immerse you in a heavy sci-fi atmosphere where there are very minimal restrictions. Although the descriptions we’ve gotten about No Man’s Sky are vague, what we have been given is phenomenal. Just the ability to land and take off from any planet you want is incredible, then stacked on top of a deep crafting system and everything else… it’s almost overwhelming.

Set to release sometime in 2015, the actual date can’t be too far off as we’re running out of time in the year. The old plan used to be that PS4 was going to get No Man’s Sky way before PC, but that is no longer the case and both renditions will be released at the same time.



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