No Man’s Sky is…. Good…?

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No Man’s Sky. I honestly can’t think of another 3 words that remind me of both overzealous death threats and video games in the same breath. NMS launched just over a year ago and since that dire day Hello Games has made some serious strides within their procedurally generated universe.

Update 1.3 (Atlas Rises) dropped just a couple days ago, and combining it with the previous updates we’ve received makes NMS feel more like the game we were originally promised. I would even go as far as to say it’s actually pretty good now, if not what we were promised at launch. If nothing else, it was enough to get 15000 people in-game! Not just that, but recent reviews have gone from “mixed” before the update to “mostly positive” after the update – now that’s saying something considering how many positive reviews it would take for that switch to happen!

Graphics have been overhauled, a very basic form of MP has been implemented, system economies are a thing now, about 30-hours of story have been added, new biomes have been added, massive crashed freighters can be found on planets and looted, terrain can be manipulated, and space combat was also overhauled – and that’s just in the most recent update(full patch notes here)! Prior to that, we’ve seen ground-based vehicles added, base building, and a plethora of other features like the ability to own your own massive freighter (for an equally massive investment).

I’m not going to go as far as saying that this update gives us absolutely everything we were promised at launch or everything that was advertised at least, but it is getting extremely close and I would definitely call it worthy of some play time after this most recent update. It’s still not going to appeal to absolutely everyone out there, but for those weird people like myself who enjoy cruising around in games like Elite Dangerous, NMS might be finally worth a minute of your time.

I’ve always believed in giving second chances and time to redeem oneself, Hello Games has clearly spent this past year working very hard on the latter – something which should not go unnoticed. With the Pathfinder and Foundation updates behind Atlas Rises, No Man’s Sky is no longer no man’s game, now it’s something I feel that anyone who was originally interested could pick up and enjoy. But, don’t just take my word for it, check out the update 1.3 launch trailer and cruise through the recent reviews on Steam while you’re at it!

As of writing this, No Man’s Sky is selling for 60% off on both Steam and Humble Bundle, making the price about $20.



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