No Man’s Sky jumps from 2000 to 96000 peak players

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Sean Murray and Hello Games must be ecstatic right now. No Man’s Sky has reached concurrent player counts not seen since its infamous release in 2016. There have always been slight upticks when patches drop, but never anything like the 96000 that are currently playing. That’s over 96000 on just Steam alone, not taking into consideration console players OR people who bought their PC copies outside of Steam.

So far, No Man’s Sky has hit 96,954 peak players since the release of the Next update, according to Steam Charts. That’s still nowhere near the 212,321 peak players from the original 2016 release, but it’s still a lot higher than anything from the past 2 years. In comparison, the last uptick was only 19,017 peak players for the Atlas Rises (1.3) update – compared to 96,954 that’s roughly a 410% increase.

That’s a higher peak concurrent player count than games like The Witcher 3, Rust, and even Fallout 4 if we exclude its first 3 months post-release. Again, these are just Steam-based metrics. 96,954 is only a short jump away from the peak levels of games like Team Fortress 2 and even Ark: Survival Evolved who have both brought in roughly 100,000-105,000 concurrent players.

In comparison, last month the peak player count for No Man’s Sky was only 2047.

After a small delay and a 50% off sale, the Next update has clearly impressed a lot of people. 81% of the 7000+ reviews from the past 30-days have been positive on Steam. Enough positive reviews have flooded in to bring the overall review score up from “Mostly Negative” to “Mixed”. At this rate, it won’t be much longer before the reviews flip from “Mixed” to “Mostly Positive”.

On top of ever-increasing positive reviews, the Next update has garnered No Man’s Sky a lot of critical acclaim as well. Everywhere you look you’ll find positive videos and articles about No Man’s Sky from all ranges of content creators and critics.

It might be too soon to call this one of the greatest comeback stories in the history of game dev… But… It might be just that.

Oh, there are also giant teddy bear like things. Whatever you’d call that…

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