No Man’s Sky’s Next update looks awesome

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It’s almost been a full 2-years since No Man’s Sky first released back in August 2016. Since then, Sean Murray and the team at Hello Games have been working double-time on the arduous task of delivering the No Man’s Sky everyone expected.

Upon release, NMS was met with harsh criticisms and a lot of backlash from both critics and fans alike. This stemmed from a poor marketing campaign in which the content and gameplay of No Man’s Sky was aggressively exaggerated – some would say blatantly lied about.

Fast forward a year and the Atlas Rises (1.3) update is released; it was the biggest update to drop on NMS since launch and it seriously improved gameplay. 1.3 added things like system economies, roughly 30-hours of story, revamped graphics, more biomes to explore, lower altitude flying, and a very rudimentary version of multiplayer, just to name a few. Prior to that, we saw ground-based vehicles added, massive freighters you can buy, as well as basic base-building mechanics added.

The Next update is going to build on the foundation that’s been laid and work towards expanding the universe immensely. The biggest addition is, in my opinion, definitely the refined multiplayer and the new 3rd person perspective. No longer will you be an orb of light floating around, now you can finally customize your character so everyone knows who everyone is when you’re exploring new planets with friends.

Here’s a small list of the new additions and upgrades coming in Next on June 24th:

  • Refined multiplayer
  • Character customization
  • 3rd person perspective camera
  • Higher quality environment textures
  • More detailed ships, buildings, and NPCs
  • Expanded base building (build anywhere, higher limits, more parts)
  • Own multiple bases
  • Upgraded freighter mechanics
  • Buy multiple freighters and control them as a fleet

That’s just a small portion of what I was able to pick out of the trailer – the same one embedded at the top of this article. The official patch notes haven’t dropped yet, but when they do we’ll have our first look at everything being added or changed.

If you’re going to jump into No Man’s Sky when the Next update drops on July 24th, you might find this Universal Resource Table useful. All credit goes to Austin Guglietti and those who helped him over at /r/NoMansSkyTheGame.

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