Nvidia RTX 2080 Super – Less than 10% faster than the 2080

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rtx 2080 super release

Nvidia has released the last entry of their new Super lineup today with the RTX 2080 Super. Early benchmark results are showing only minor improvements over the previous RTX 2080. With less than a 10% performance gain on average, the 2080 Super is the least impressive of the Super lineup. In fact, it’s can almost be matched by a good GTX 1080 Ti that’s been manually overclocked well.

Hopes that the RTX 2080 Super would offer near-2080 Ti performance went out the window as soon as the benchmarks started to roll in. It’s still better than an RTX 2080, but nowhere near the 2080 Ti.

But, even a small improvement is still better than nothing. Especially when we consider that the RTX 2080 Super will be retailing for the same price as the RTX 2080 did – that’s a $699 MSRP.

In terms of specs, the RTX 2080 Super (is RTX 2080 S good enough?) has a bit more of everything when compared to the RTX 2080, except VRAM. The 2080 S has 3072 CUDA cores vs 2944, a base clock of 1650 MHz vs 1515MHz, 15.5Gbps memory vs 14Gbps with a bandwidth of 496GB/s vs 448GB/s. That’s about everything. So, on paper, the RTX 2080 S is definitely an improvement over the RTX 2080. It’s also appearing that way in early benchmark and testing results.

The way I see it, there are 3 camps of thinking here, you’ll probably fit into one of these.

Either you already own an RTX 2080 and you’re not happy about this new release.

You were going to buy an RTX 2080 soon and will enjoy the extra performance of the 2080 S.

Or, you were never going to buy one to begin with and you just don’t care.

Whichever it is, it’s understandable.

One thing is for certain and will probably never change, Nvidia sure likes to compete with themselves when it comes to high-end GPUs. Now, at the same $700 bracket, we have 3 similarly performing cards (without considering RTX). The GTX 1080 Ti, the RTX 2080, and now the RTX 2080 S.

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