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Pericope Games’ Post Scriptum has been treated with the release of a brand new map named Grave. This will be the last map added for the “Bloody Seventh” chapter. Future updates will cover more of the lesser-known parts of WW2 while portraying untold stories from the period.

Nijmegen city and the Waal bridge – Wikipedia

Like all maps in Post Scriptum, Grave is based on history and takes place during a US-led Allied attack to liberate Nijmegen, Netherlands. The Battle of Nijmegen was historically a 3-day long offensive (Sept 17-20, 1944) in which the Allies scored a victory over the Axis. The primary goals of the Allies were to capture 2 specific bridges that crossed the Waal river and then proceed to reinforce and relieve the British 1st Airborne Division and Polish 1st Independent Parachute Brigade who were 10 miles (16km) away in Arnhem.

After the Allied victory in Nijmegen, the region became part of the front line for a total of 5 months. This was due to the subsequent Allied retreat from Arnhem as Axis forces were able to successfully delay the advancement of Allied reinforcements. During this time, nearly 1/4 of all of the homes in Nijmegen (around 5000) were destroyed with the remaining 3/4 (about 13000) being heavily damaged. In total, Nijmegen saw 7% of the total casualties during the Netherlands liberation.

Since not many people know about the Battle of Nijmegen or the 5 months that followed it, I hope that the backstory behind Grave was a little interesting.

Grave isn’t the only addition in the most recent V1.0.487.9205 update. Veghel received a total of 12 new layers across both the AAS and Offensive game modes. Weapon resting has (finally) been added – meaning you can rest your weapon on basically anything. Multiple optimizations were made and new FX for bullet impacts were also added. But, that’s not everything, so if you’d like to check out the full patch notes for this update, you can find them here.

All-in-all, every update pushes Post Sciptum towards being the undeniable king of WW2-based tactical FPS – and with how fast content has been dropping, it’s all the more impressive.

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