Post Scriptum’s Armored-only mode finally releases

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post scriptum playtest

Post Scriptum received a big content drop today including the long-promised armored-only game mode. This comes just a month after the last big content drop where we saw a new map and faction, 2 new vehicles, an overhaul of vehicle damage systems, a bayonet system, and a whole bunch more.

In the latest update to their large-scale WW2 FPS, Periscope Games have continued to make progress with new features, improvements, and sound overhauls. But, the biggest addition is the new Armored game mode.

Armored is a 64-person game mode (32v32) where 3-4 people take control of either a light vehicle or a tank and use teamwork, communication, and coordination to overcome the opposing team. You’ll have to work together with the crew of your vehicle to navigate, spot enemies, and direct fire.

Being a crew member isn’t easy the first time you do it, but this short tutorial should help get you going.

There are numerous other changes in this update including updated sounds for the MG34, M1 Garand, and MP40, updated tank handling and suspension systems, map voting, and other minor tweaks and fixes. One of the more notable minor fixes is the German 1st person sprint animation being fixed.

Infantry units will also see a new addition in the form of an ammo bag. This bag can be dropped to resupply another player – say an MG or a light mortar for instance. The ammo bag can only be used once and will disappear after it’s been used. Ammo bags can also be used to rearm, something that’ll definitely come in handy.

Map voting is a big addition and it’s something people have been asking for since Post Scriptum released.

In the following weeks, you can expect to hear about new theaters being added, more new maps and new layers for existing maps, the sandbox game mode, and “various new unlisted features” – whatever those might be.

You can check out Post Scriptum on Steam.

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