PUBG hands out 800,000 cheating bans in the past 45 days

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PUBG, easily the most popular game on the PC market right now, has seen upwards of 800,000 BattlEye bans for cheating over the past 45 days, bringing the grand total up to 1.5-million bans.

These figures are coming from the anti-cheating software known as BattlEye, who has claimed over 1.5-million bans have been handed out since PUBG’s early access launch earlier this year via their Twitter (@TheBattlEye).

Earlier in November, BattlEye tweeted that they had banned 100,000 accounts over a weekend which brought the total above 700,000. Meaning, between now and then the 45-day total is more than likely well above 800,000.

This comes on the tail of PlayerUnknown (Brendan Greene) stating that 99% of all cheats used in PUBG are being made in China. I mean, everything else is made in China, I guess cheats might as well be one of them. It’s worth noting that he did not state that 99% of cheaters are Chinese, only that 99% of hacks are made in China and then distributed around the world. With how massive PUBG is in China (most of the player base is Chinese) this isn’t too surprising.

1.5-million bans is an absolutely massive amount, especially when you put it into a percentage vs copies of PUBG sold. Assuming PUBG has sold 20,000,000 copies, the 1.5-million banned accounts make up roughly 7.5% of the entire player base. Now, the total sum of sold copies is likely higher than a flat 20,000,000 but I think you get my point; that’s a big chunk of the player base to ban for cheating. Chances are, it’s only a small portion as well; I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that 20% of everyone playing PUBG is cheating.

In lighter PUBG news, another peak players record has been smashed with 3,080,769 players logging on at once. The average player counts keep climbing on a monthly basis as well, with 1,422,066 average in December compared to 1,334,170 in November. I guess it’s safe to say that even though 1.5-million accounts have been banned, it’s not affecting the growth of PUBG at all.

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