PUBG leaves EA – 1.0 goes live!

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Not even a year after hitting early access, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has left the EA program and transitioned into full version with the release of 1.0! This brings a lot of improvements to the entire game as a whole, graphical improvements, a new map, a new traversal (vaulting/climbing) system and a plethora of other changes. Check out the 1.0 patch notes here.

The biggest addition is the new map, Miramar. It’s a desert map and really changes the feeling of playing a round of PUBG. No more hiding in tall grass and shrubs, nope, Miramar is everything you’d expect from a desert, including rolling hills of sand and very sparse vegetation. This means you’re really going to have to put those concealment and cover skills to the test if you want to remain unnoticed/alive.

Accompanying the new map is a host of new weapons. A lever action rifle, a sawed-off shotgun to use in place of your pistol, a .45 revolver, and a DP-28 machine gun. The DP-28 is an Erangel exclusive while the other 3 are Miramar exclusives. New vehicles have also been added, including a VW-style van, an offroad 4×4, and an Aquarail which is basically just a 2-person jet ski. Driving physics have also been updated and now there’s a very noticeable difference between driving on and off road – pick your vehicle carefully!

Vaulting and climbing are another relatively huge addition, also something which probably should have been in place for a while now. Personally, I’m loving the ability to vault short walls and climb over taller ones, it really adds a new level of tactics that are absolutely necessary for a game like PUBG.

Ballistics have also been overhauled. Bullets are now susceptible to air drag, meaning they will lose velocity over time, drop harder, and travel longer. It might take you a few tries to get used to taking long range shots with the new system, but it’s pretty awesome overall. Not going to lie, it almost took an entire mag out fired of an AK for me to figure out how the new system works (and finally land a ~150m shot).

A handful of performance optimizations were also made that do things like reducing the lag when multiple players are in sight, optimizing memory usage, optimizing world elements, and a whole bunch of others.

There are a lot of other changes that I haven’t covered in this post if you’re interested in learning what those are, check out the official 1.0 patch notes.

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