Pulsar X2, Reasonable than Logitech G Pro?

Written by Lucas

Last updated Jul 12, 2023

Logitech’s G Pro might be the most famous mouse ever created. Everyone knows it is a high-quality head clicker used by some of the biggest names in Esports. It’s been that way since it came out; unfortunately, there has been one glaring issue with the G Pro and now Superlight.

The majority of individuals are unwilling to pay $159.99 for a mouse. Fortunately, we now have a wide range of alternatives; some are affordable, trustworthy mice, while others are expensive, QA-filled horrors. But hardly many businesses can match Pulsar’s price-to-performance ratios.

Pulsar X2 vs. Logitech G Pro: Which Ambidextrous Mouse Reigns Supreme?

The Pulsar X2 and X2 mini are some of the best mice on the market right now, and they are cheaper than almost anything of similar quality. Many people even consider the Pulsar X2 good enough to rival the G Pro and the Superlight, but is the X2 better?

Since Pulsar has been around for a while, it’s understandable that many of you have yet to hear of them. However, in 2020, the South Korean business Pulsar unveiled its first line of gaming accessories. They became well-known for their inexpensive, hot-swappable, and occasionally even waterproof gaming keyboards.

But what put Pulsar on the map was their Xlite gaming mouse. The company’s first foray into the mouse space was an ergonomic, lightweight mouse with a solid sensor. What caught everyone’s eyes was not the shape; the initial Xlite was only 50 US dollars. Even when they released newer wireless versions, Pulsar kept the price extremely reasonable.

The Rise of Pulsar X2: A Worthy Competitor to Logitech's G Pro

The 2020 launch of Pulsar’s peripherals marked the beginning of their commitment to innovation at an affordable price. It became obvious that they had succeeded in doing so as more people acquired Pulsar’s keyboards and Xlites. However, Pulsar’s mouse lineup was still lacking in one crucial aspect: an ambidextrous model.

For ambidextrous gaming mice, the legendary Logitech G Pro and, more recently, the Superlight have reigned supreme. They have a fantastic sensor, are wireless, lightweight, and—most importantly—sport the revered Logitech logo. But the very strength of that name has driven up these mice’s price.

The Battle for Gamers on a Budget

A brand-new Superlight will burn a hole through your wallet for $160. Your favorite professionals and content producers will happily pay this amount, but it is simply too high for most of us. Fortunately, Pulsar recognized the needs of gamers and introduced their first ambidextrous mice in August 2022.

The Pulsar X2 and X2 mini quickly made waves within the peripheral space. Many people praised them for their quality and extremely reasonable price. Some tech reviewers even went so far as to suggest that Pulsar’s new mice be better than the Logitech Superlight, but did Pulsar beat Logitech when it came to their first ambidextrous mice?

Black Pulsar X2 wireless gaming mouse


The Pulsar X2 wireless is a 56 grams, ambidextrous gaming mouse with up to 70 hours of battery life. It’s a similar shape and size to the Superlight with a slightly lower hum. The bottom of the mouse has big cutouts, which help reduce its weight to only 56 grams, and Pulsar even paints their PCBs to match each mouse’s color. The DPI and power buttons are also located at the bottom. Both Pulsar X2 and X2 mini use a pixart 3395 sensor, and both mice’s switches feel nice.

Pulsar’s software is also straightforward and easy to use, you can even adjust the debounce delay. If you are looking for a cheap, wireless, ambidextrous mouse with solid internals, then I would recommend the Pulsar X2 and X2 mini. If you already bought the original G Pro and are debating whether to upgrade to Superlight, then you should go for X2. The cables, adapters, and packaging look incredible, and the price really can’t be beaten at 100 bucks US for all the premium internals.

Final Thoughts

Pulsar did deliver the supposedly economical innovation. Their mice perform on par with, if not better than, their more expensive rivals. A number of new color options, the most recent version of the X2 features, optical switches, and zero debounce delay have all been launched by Pulsar as they continue to step up their game. New Xlite and X2 models, keyboards, and even a new ES series mouse with OLED displays on the bottom are just a few of the things Pulsar has in store for 2023. We have much to be excited about if the price and quality are anything like what Pulsar has already demonstrated.

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