Is Radical Heights already dying?

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radical heights player count

It kind of looks that way…

On April 9th, Boss Key announced their newest game in the form of a F2P Battle Royale, Radical Heights. It was a 5-month passion project that was set to take the Battle Royale scene by storm. A project that Cliffy B must have been pretty confident about considering it was released into X-treme Early Access only 1 day after being announced.

It wasn’t a new take on the BR genre by any means and basically replicated the same old formula. Even the graphics and art-style are very resemblant of Fortnite. Radical Heights really only did a couple of things different, primarily the money system and in-game vending machines you can get gear from.

X-treme Early Access, I feel, was taken a little too seriously by the dev team. It was definitely X-treme and is undeniably Early Access, but I don’t think anyone was really ready for what we got. There were tons of missing assets (mostly walls, etc), clunky controls, tons of crashes, bugs aplenty, and overall bad performance. Add on some persistent server issues and you have what I like to call a really bad release.

It seems like good ol’ Cliffy B just can’t catch a break lately.

According to SteamCharts, one day after launch Radical Heights had a peak concurrent player count of roughly 12,300. The next day the peak concurrent count was just shy of 9000 (not over…) with 8,962. One day later, 7,191. Since then, the player count has consistently dropped to the point of peak numbers sitting at less than 2000/day. From April 11th to the time of writing this, the count has dropped by a whopping 86%, or thereabouts.

radical heights player count

I can’t imagine those are the kinds of numbers that Boss Key was initially anticipating. Not even one-month post-release and Radical Heights is already dwindling on the edge of flatlining entirely. There’s still hope yet, but as it stands it’s not looking good for the future of Radical Heights.

Was it the terrible state of the game on release? The oversaturation of the BR market? It’s hard to say for sure. If I had to guess, I would say it’s a combination of everything. Personally, I was only able to play a single round after struggling with constant server issues before I noped my way out.

What are your thoughts? Why has Radical Heights seemingly failed already? Let me know in the comments! 

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