Rainbow Six: Siege – Operator Gameplay Trailer

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How many games can Ubisoft come out within a couple years, you ask? A LOT.

For Honor, Farcry 4, a couple Assassins Creed games, Ghost Recon: Wildlands, and quite a few others. But one of the highest on my list of anticipated games is Rainbow Six: Siege, as far as 2015 releases go.

R6: Siege puts you into the boots of either an “operator” or a “terrorist”, and I’m sure you can assume the plot from there. One team has a mission, the other has to stop them. Pretty basic FPS stuff. But, R6 stands out from the crowd by providing an highly-tactical feel, and unique characters with specific roles to play on your team, which makes working together extremely important.

The game takes advantage of Battlefield-style destruction, and allows you to cut paths through walls, with explosives, or even a big hammer. The environment destruction is something which really adds a lot to the tactical feeling of Rainbow Six: Siege, not knowing when your enemy might bust through a wall shotgun blazing forces you to take your time and be methodical.

Although Multiplayer is the primary focus of Siege, there will also be a complete campaign, similar to those from the Rainbow Six: Vegas games, not only will there be a campaign, but Ubi is also reimplementing a feature from older R6 games, the “terrohunt”, and I’m sure you can assume what terrohunting is all about.

All-in-all, the final product of R6: Siege looks like it might be a decent game, at least for a bit. Some things have been added, which a lot of people don’t like, but personally, I’m hoping a lot of those things will be taken out in a “hardcore” limited HUD game mode. Rainbow Six: Siege is set to release on October 13, 2015, on both next-gen consoles, and of course, PC.

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