Rising Storm 2: Vietnam – E3 Announcement Trailer

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Are you a fan of Vietnam war era FPS games? You will probably love Rising Storm 2, which was announced by Tripwire Interactive this year at E3.

Not a lot was said about the actual game itself, but if you’ve played either Red Orchestra 2, Rising Storm, or either of the Killing Floor titles, then you already know that Tripwire makes some pretty badass games.

RO2 was the base game, and Rising Storm was essentially an expansion covering another part of WW2. Now, with Rising Storm 2, Tripwire is throwing us into the gritty Vietnam War, where battles were extremely.. asymmetrical.

If you haven’t tried any of the Red Orchestra games, then you’re seriously missing out on probably the best WW2 shooters ever made. Red Orchestra 2 and Rising Storm (soon to be Rising Storm 2 as well) are games that you should definitely have in your library, and you can usually get them for pretty cheap on steam.



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