ROCCAT KONE XP Programmable Gaming Mouse Review

Written by Lucas

Last updated Jul 12, 2023

The ROCCAT KONE XP is one of the coolest gaming mice that I have ever seen! The Kone XP takes a lot of its design from the ROCCAT Kone AIMO Remastered gaming mouse, but there are a few things that have changed. The Kone XP has 15 different programable buttons with 29 possible function which you can create through ROCCAT’s Swarm software. Through this software you can program the buttons, customize the RGB, and the lift-off distance. This mouse has an ergonomic design and insane 3D RGB lighting with 5 different lighting modes right out of the box! The mouse has a DPI from 50 all the way up to 19,000 for the ultimate gaming experience! This mouse comes in two different colors, Ash Black and Artic white which you can choose between when you purchase the mouse. This is also a wired mouse with a wide range of connectivity.  

In the box you get:

  • ROCCAT Kone XP Mouse 
  • Quick-start guide 
  • 1 extra set of mouse feet 
EKSA Air Joy Plus
Eksa Air Joy Plus2


The design of this mouse is probably one of the most unique that I have seen on a mouse! It has 15 different programable buttons to optimize game play, insane RGB lighting, and a cool translucent top. The 15 different buttons are  

  • Left and right click 
  • Left, right and vertical click on the mouse 
  • DPI + and –  
  • 4 side buttons  
  • Thumb button
  • RGB adjust button 
  • Scroll wheel up and down   

Every single button can be programmed through ROCCAT’s Swarm Software 

The RGB on this mouse is the coolest I have ever seen! This mouse has 3D RGB lighting which illuminates your desk like you’ve never seen before! The mouse has 19 LEDs and 8 light guides which brings all the RGB to life! The mouse also has a translucent top which allows the RGB to shine though. Something else neat about the translucent top is that it allows you to see some of the hardware inside the mouse. One downside of this clear top is that if you tend get a sweaty palm while gaming there will be sweat streaks on the mouse which doesn’t make the translucent top look pleasing. 

This mouse has a great ergonomic design. This allows you to use the mouse for long periods of time without you hand getting sore or cramped. Note that this is not an ambidextrous mouse. Its ergonomics are designed for a right-handed user.  

Even though this mouse does have some really good gaming features, it is slightly heavy. Coming in at 104g this mouse will definitely have some drag while hard core gaming. The mouse has a phantom flex cable which allows you to have a near wireless experience just because the cable is so light and will not give very much drag. The mouse is also equipped with heat treated PTFE glides which delivers and extremely smooth experience. ROCCAT even included an extra pair in the box so that if the ones included on the mouse wear out, you can easily replace them. Still all things put together the mouse is still a little bit heavy and definitely won’t be better than your ultra-light mouse if you have one.   

The mouse has ROCCAT’s titan optical switches which have a lifetime of up to 100 million clicks! It also has ROCCAT’s Krystal 4D scroll wheel which has a nice tactile feel, left and right linear buttons along with the standard vertical click and scroll functionality. The left and right linear button aren’t something you see on a mouse that often and its cool to see it on this one!  


This mouse, through ROCCAT’s Owl-eye 19k DPI optical sensor has a range of 50-19,000 DPI at increments of 50. This is really good for a high end mouse, it allows you to get the DPI to your exact liking which will optimize your game play. Even though there are lots of buttons on this mouse, none of them are really mushy which is expected on a higher end mouse. The mouse works great for gaming even though it is a little bit heavy. The heat-treated PTFE glides make the mouse feel even lighter than it actually is! 


Overall, this is a solid mouse, but in order for me to recommend it to you it has to fit what you need. If you’re looking for a mouse with insane RGB lighting with tones of buttons and a high DPI that you can use for everyday use along with gaming, that this is the mouse for you! It is a little heavy which will slow your game play down slightly if your use to ultra-light mice, but for $90 USD which is on the more expensive side of most gaming mice, it is a solid option and it will not disappoint you!  

Huge thanks to ROCCAT for sending me their product to review! Check out some of the other ROCCAT products we have reviewed! 

  • Switches
  • Sensor
  • Comfort 
  • Durability 
  • Overall

The Pros

  • Pretty Good Price VS Performance Ratio
  • 7 buttons
  • Up to 7200 DPI
  • Multiple DPI intervals
  • Braded cable 
  • Ambidextrous to some degree
  • Long cable
  • Free mouse pad included 
  • Cheap

    The Cons

    • Warms up the longer you use it, and you can will get hot
    • Mushy side buttons
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