ROCCAT Syn Buds Air Review

Written by Lucas

Last updated Jul 12, 2023

The ROCCAT Syn Buds Air are a compact wireless low-latency pair of earbuds. These earbuds have a 20-hour battery life, the earbuds having 5 hours of life while the charging case provides an additional 15 hours. These earbuds also come with 60ms low-latency mode for the ultimate gaming experience and stellar wireless Bluetooth for a strong wireless connection. These also have a wide range of connectivity. The earbuds come equipped with 6mm drivers and built-in dual microphones for great audio.  

ROCCAT has also created a piece of software which allows you to control and customize audio EQ’s (equalizers), reassign touch controls, and update firmware from your device for the Syn Buds Air with Bluetooth.  

In the box you get the following: 

  • ROCCAT Syn Buds Air 
  • USB-C charging cable  
  • 3 different sizes of plastic ear tips 
  • Quick start guide 
    EKSA Air Joy Plus
    Eksa Air Joy Plus2

    Great Design and Comfort!

    I personally quite like the design of these earbuds. They fit in your ears well and they are light enough that you can pretty much forget that they are there. The earbuds do stick out of the ear slightly which does put pressure on the inside of your ear if you’re wearing an overhear hat or toque. They do have a longer stem, but I personally don’t have any issue with that. These earbuds are also IPX4 water resistance, which means that you can use these earbuds when it is raining, if you’re working out and your earbuds get sweaty, or even if you get these earbuds dirty, you can give them a quick wipe down without the worry of wrecking them. I do find the case of these earbuds a little big and bulky. It’s hard to fit into a pocket and when you do it sticks out. But the 20-hour battery life does make up for the bulky case.  

    The Great Performance of the ROCCAT Syn Buds Air

    The performance of these earbuds are a great option for the price! The bass and clarity of the audio is something that I am really impressed about with these earbuds. Coming in at around $100 USD these earbuds are equipped with big 6mm drivers and they pack a pretty good punch when it comes to bass! These earbuds also have decent noise cancelation. Between the drivers and plastic ear caps, the earbuds should block out the majority of background noise while you’re listening to game play or music. These earbuds also have a low-latency mode which is enabled through the companion app. It gives you a low latency of only 60 milliseconds which will enhance your game play by allowing audio to transfer from your device to your earbuds at lightning speed! The touch controls work very well, and the overall controls of these earbuds are easy to use!  

    Overall thoughts on the ROCCAT Syc Buds Air

    Overall, the Syn Buds Air earbuds by ROCCAT are great for anything from listening to music to gaming! They are equipped with big 6mm drivers and a 60-millisecond low latency which provides good bass and a clear and crisp sound. For $100 these earbuds would be a solid option if you’re looking for a pair of earbuds with great battery life and pretty good audio!  

    • Sound Quality
    • Mic Quality
    • Comfort 
    • Durability 
    • Overall

    The Pros

    • Pretty Good Price VS Performance Ratio
    • Touch sensors 
    • 7mm drivers
    • IP4X water resistance 
    • Built in dual microphoens
    • 1 year warranty
    • Low latency mode
    • Cheaper price

      The Cons

      • Bulky case
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