Sea of Thieves swimming in server troubles

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If you’ve been trying to play Sea of Thieves on launch day but can’t connect, you’re not alone. So many people have jumped aboard this pirate-y grind for cosmetics that it’s completely flooded the servers and left developers Rare gasping for breath amidst the tidal wave of players.

Ok, my lame nautical puns are done.

The server issues kicked off practically the second Sea of Thieves was released which left many players marooned with no game to play (I had to get one more pun). Since then, Rare has been scrambling to fix the problems and keep the servers running smoothly.

It started with this Tweet earlier today:

About an hour later we received another update via Twitter:

A couple more updates later and ALL new players were barred from joining a new game in Sea of Thieves:

Of course, new players were locked out only minutes before I was going to jump in and start pirating! As of writing this, it’s been roughly 2-hours since the previous update and the servers still seem to be down.

Hopefully, the servers go back online sooner than later. But, if nothing else, at least you know why you’re unable to connect to Sea of Thieves!

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