Should You Use Pulsar’s Glass Mousepad?

Written by Lucas

Last updated Jul 12, 2023

Pulsar’s first premium glass pad looks incredible and is playing catch-up. Skypad has dominated the glass mousepad market for a long time. They have produced some of the highest quality hard pads for years. However, is this Pulsar’s super glide pad cheaper and better than the sky pad? Let’s find out.

Pulsar’s Glass pads’ large and X-Large sizes are 420mm by 490mm and 420 by 330mm, respectively. You might be concerned that the pad might get damaged in transportation because the glass is so brittle. However, the pads are really well-packaged. They are held in place by substantial bits of foam, and when you remove them, a plastic sleeve needs to be removed.

A Close Look at Pulsar's Super Glide Pad

They are available in three colors: red, black, and white. The red variant is the best-looking, and without any doubt, many people will choose it. Previously, you would never have seen lines of molded high-density silicone down a mouse pad’s bottom, but the super glide pad does.

Once you place the pad on your desk, it won’t move, no matter how much pressure you use. A mouse pad that moves around your desk is not something you would appreciate. Due to the sticky bottom surface, artisan pads were previously utilized, but these super glide pads are superior.

Pulsar's Glass Pad vs. Skypad: A Comparison

Skypad has been the GOAT when it comes to glass pads lately. The surface looks and feels very similar to the super glide. But, one noticeable thing is that, since it has only four rubber feet in each corner, there is some flex when you apply pressure to the center of the pad. It won’t affect your aim, but Pulsar’s solution is preferable.

The glass pad on the Pulsar is rigid and feels more secure overall. The super glide pad is slightly taller, while the Skypad XL is wider. Overall, I choose the super glide in size XL.

Make sure you are using PTFE skates on these pads. If you use glass skates, you will probably scratch the surface and likely have no control over your mouse. You could face some aiming issues in most FPS games, but it’s all right because unless you grew up playing on the glass like some CS boomers, then I don’t think you will find many attached FPS players using this surface.

Choosing the Right Glass Pad: Pulsar's Super Glide or Skypad?

Skypad even says their surface is optimized for games requiring high time to kill. So, if you play games like Overwatch, Apex Legends, and Fortnite, these pads suit you more.

One noteworthy aspect is that these glass pads are noisy and scratchy. You might even hear a faint screaming sound if dust or hair falls on them; this may annoy many people. So be careful if you are sensitive to noise or play video games without headphones.

Regarding durability, none of the pads show any slowing down symptoms. If dust or other debris does collect on them, they are simple to clean. Which one is now more advisable?

Final Thoughts:

When it comes down to pure performance, both surfaces are nearly identical. Maybe you won’t find yourself aiming better on one compared to the other. But the overall quality of the super glide is undoubtedly higher. The silicone on the bottom is insane, and the pad feels more sturdy on the desk. The XL Skypad retails for roughly $15 more than the super glide, so unless you are a weeb and want an anime waifu to look at, you should go for the super glide. That being said, since the Skypad is an older product, you are more likely to find it on sale occasionally. But, if you already own a Skypad, there are no particular reasons you should buy a super glide pad.

Pulsar superglide glass mousepad in red color
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