Space Engineers – Planets Released + Free Weekend!

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space engineers planets released

Planets were something that the developers of Space Engineers never actually planned on implementing, but due to lots of demand from the SE community, the decision to make planets a main part of SE was made. After months and months of teasers and waiting, planets were officially released this month, finally. But, was the wait worth it? Well, you can hop into SE and try it out for yourself this weekend for free.

space engineers planets released

At first, I was pretty skeptical about the addition of planets, especially before any kind of major optimization has happened, but so far I’ve been more pleasently suprised more than I have been let down. Planets definitely seem to add a new angle to SE, and it gives us players something more to strive for and work on. But, with that in mind, there are some downsides, primarily regarding performance issues.

The biggest flaw that I have found so far relies on the fact that SE is still an alpha build, and it has not been optimized yet – but this is something to expect from ANY alpha build. The lack of any serious optimization and the fact that planets are a serious draw makes for some pretty bad lag spikes on some pretty beastly PCs.  In my opinion, the SE community might have pushed Keen into releasing planets a little sooner than they should have been.
With the performance issues aside, the addition of planets is something that has long been awaited, and the positive aspects that they add far outweigh the typical alpha performance issues. With all things considered, I would have to say that Space Engineers is really coming together, and I believe that it’s going to be really awesome once it hits beta. I’ll have a more in-depth review of what planets have to offer over in my Space Engineers Review.

If you don’t own Space Engineers yet, but you want to get in there and try things out for yourself, you’re in luck. This weekend (November 20th – 22nd @ 1PM PDT) you can play SE for free, and if you feel so inclined, you can also grab yourself a copy for a whopping 50% off. The same 50% off deal extends to Keen’s Medieval Engineers as well, but unfortunately it’s not included in the free weekend.

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