Squad A14 released – New game mode, map, vehicles, and weapons!

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Squad’s Alpha 14 update has just released and with it comes a slew of new content. Alpha 14 is coming to us just barely 1 month after Alpha 13 released. Now that’s a quick update cycle!

The biggest additions in A14 come in the form of a brand new game mode as well as a brand new map. But, we’re also getting 2 new vehicles, a new anti-tank weapon, and a ton of bug fixes and other various changes.

Territory Control

The new game mode, dubbed Territory Control, sees 2 teams of players competing to take control of an entire map. The map will be broken down into hexes can only be captured if your team controls the adjacent hexes. If you’ve ever played Planetside 2, it’s quite similar but on a much smaller and more tactical scale.

A neutral hex will require 1 player to capture and will take 40 seconds. An enemy hex will require 3 players and take a total of 80 seconds, 40 to neutralize and 40 to capture.

There are 2 ways to win Territory Control. By bleeding the enemy team of their tickets, or by capturing 95% of the hexes on the map. Ticket bleed sets in once your team has captured 60% of the hexes on the map at a rate of 1 ticket per 2 hexes up to a maximum of 5 tickets per minute for 10 captured hexes.

New map, weapons, and vehicles

The new map, Skorpo, takes place in a heavily forested region of Western Norway around a village named Uskedalen. Your team will have to take advantage of the hills, tree cover, and forest roads to overcome the enemy team.

Technically, 2 new weapons were added… But, one is just an AK47 bayonet that replaces the old AKM bayonet for the Russian Ground Forces faction. The other new weapon is a little more exciting, it’s the M3 MAAWS (Multi-Role Anti-Armor Anti-Personnel Weapon System) Carl Gustaf. The M3 MAAWS will replace the US faction’s heavy anti-tank kit’s AT4.

2 new armored vehicles have dropped in A14 as well. One is the British Army’s main battle tank, the FV4034 Challenger 2. The other is the Soviet BMP1 IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle), the BMP1 can carry a total load of 12 passengers – 8 inside and 4 on sitting on top.


Squad’s Alpha 14 is a huge update that brings a lot of new gameplay options to the table. Just the new game mode alone is a huge addition and honestly something I’ve been hoping to see since I first played Squad in 2016.

What I covered is just the tip of the iceberg for this release. So, if you’d like to check out the full patch notes, you can find them on Squad’s official site.

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