Squad Free Weekend June 21 – 24

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If you’re a fan of tactical gameplay with a heavy focus on communication, coordination, and most importantly teamwork; Squad is without a doubt a game you need to try! Luckily for you, there’s a free weekend going on right now so you can try it with zero obligations – it’ll run from June 21st – June 24th. Squad will also be on sale for 40% off throughout the duration of the free weekend.

What is Squad?

At its core, Squad is a 40v40 FPS played out on large-scale maps. It’s currently in early access, but what’s there feels more like a finished game than anything else. There’s a major emphasis on coordination and teamwork and without those elements, chances are your team will get steamrolled.

Teams are broken down into 8-person squads which are each led by a Squad Leader. The Squad Leader’s job is the most demanding as they have to coordinate movements with other squad leads, relay information, place temporary forward spawn points (rally points) for their squad, deploy Forward Operating Bases (FOBs – a more permanent forward spawn the whole team can use), and potentially laying down various types of defenses. It’s safe to assume that if you don’t have a competent squad lead, chances are you’re not going to perform well as a squad. BUT, when your squad leader knows what they’re doing, Squad becomes that much more fun.

Beyond the role of the Squad Leader you have things like medics, basic riflemen, automatic riflemen, machine gunners, grenadiers, scouts, anti-armor, marksmen, crewmen and more. On top of the various infantry roles there are numerous types of vehicles from MRAPs to Strykers and even little pickup trucks with machine guns or recoilless rifles mounted on them.

There are also aspects of base building which can be used to harden structures, entrench positions, and even setup indirect fire support in the form of mortars based on the needs of your team.

Squad Free Weekend

The free weekend + 40% off period is running from June 21st – June 24th at 1PM Pacific.

It’s worth noting that the Squad free weekends can be somewhat chaotic due to new players not fully grasping the mechanics and style of gameplay.

There are no rules set in stone where you absolutely “must do” something or face consequences, but there are some things you should know/do before jumping in or shortly thereafter:

  1. Always join a squad. Players not in a squad aren’t as effective as those in one – you’re also restricted on which kits you can pick.
  2. When joining a game that’s just started, always wait for your Squad Leader (SL) to let you know when you spawn. Most times you’ll be told to “hold spawns” momentarily.
  3. Friendly fire is always on. Watch what you’re shooting at; learn your team’s uniform colors/camo and shoot everything else.
  4. Know your ABC’s of effective communication: Accuracy, Brevity, Clarity.
  5. If you’re a rifleman but there’s a medic kit open, switch to the medic kit.
  6. Don’t try to be Rambo, it won’t work.
  7. Check your map often using “M”.
  8. Gain a brief understanding of the map grids and how to use them to estimate distance.
  9. Don’t pick squad leader until you’ve gained a basic understanding of the mechanics.
  10. Try to listen to your SL. Squad is all about teamwork and without it your time playing simply won’t be as fun.

I don’t want to make this list too long, so if you want to learn more of the basics I’d suggest checking out this cheeky infographic on How To Not Suck at Squad.

And here are the keybinds, just because:

squad keybinds

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