Squad goes to Canada and gets better mod support

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Put on your parka and grab your hockey sticks because Squad is going to Canada… And space. I’m not sure how the hockey sticks and parka will help in space, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, eh.

Lately, Offworld Industries has been releasing fresh content for Squad at breakneck speeds. Today, they’re announcing the release of yet another boatload of content. Including new highly-versatile modding tools, a total conversion mod, and a brand new faction including new faction-relevant vehicles, weapons, and maps.

Oh, Canada!

First and foremost, the new faction will be the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and will come in the way of a free expansion. The CAF started as a community-made mod until Offworld Industries caught wind of the project and decided the team needed some official support.

Now that’s impressive.

The CAF will bring with it a bundle of faction-relevant weapons and vehicles, as well as 2 Canadian-inspired maps. Of course, being that most of Canada is a perpetually frozen wasteland, one of the Canadian-inspired maps will include plenty of snow. I’m just hoping to see at least one Tim Hortons drive-thru.

squad caf update

Offworld will be announcing the official release date for the CAF faction during a Twitch livestream today at 1PM PDT.

[UPDATE] The CAF have officially been released into the wilds of Squad. With them comes a ton of fresh content to test.

  • Two New Maps
    – Manic-5: A big dam, lush woodlands, and steep hills define this map for combined arms warfare.
    – Nanisivik: Expect to fight between small Inuit villages, an airfield, abandoned oil fields and research stations in sparse, arctic terrain.
  • Five New CAF Weapons
    – C7A2 Assault Rifle with C79A2 (ELCAN) 3.4x sight
    – (Canadian) C7A2 Assault Rifle with M203 grenade launcher
    – C8A3 Carbine with C79A2 (ELCAN) 3.4x sight and EoTech Holosight
    – C14 Timberwolf sniper rifle
    – M2 Carl Gustaf Recoilless rifle
  • Two Adapted Base Game Weapons
    – C9A2: The CAF variant of the M249 with the C79A2 scope and a new olive livery
    – C6A1: The CAF variant of the M240B with new rail mounts
  • Three CAF Vehicles
    – Leopard 2A6
    – LAV 6.0
    – M-Gator Logistics MATV

Modding, but now it’s 2.0

Modding 2.0 looks to expand on the currently available modding tools. The goal is to make it easier for content creators to not only build but share their ideas. It’s bringing along a suite of new feature including in-game mod downloads, whitelisted mods for official servers, general UI improvements to make sorting modded servers easier, and priority listing for whitelisted mods.

To show off just how insanely versatile Modding 2.0 is, OI has built and released the Space Crew mod. It’s a complete overhaul that takes Squad to space to fight a xenomorph an alien dubbed The Raptor in a 20v1 showdown. The human team (Hibernia Deep Space Mining Crew) will have to work together in an effort to solve puzzles and hopefully not die to the Raptor. The Raptor has one goal, annihilate all humans.

Free Weekend (July 26-July 28, 2019)

To celebrate all of these huge update, Squad will also be running a free weekend from Friday July 26 until Sunday July 29. During that time, you’ll be able to play squad for free and if you enjoy it, purchase it for 50% off through Steam.

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