Star Citizen STEALS a ship design from EVE Online?!!

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star citizen vulture

Which came first? The Venture or the Vulture?

One was released years ago in 2012 and the other was released just a few days ago… Oh, Well… This is pretty much an open and shut comparison with an obvious answer… Or is it?

Everyone’s favorite crowdfunding simulator, Star Citizen, has recently come under fire for allegedly stealing a ship design straight out of EVE Online. The changes are, according to some, so minimal that unless you know beforehand which one is which you might not be able to tell them apart.

Here you go, first up the Venture from EVE Online:

eve online venture

EVE’s Venture

And now for the Vulture from Star Citizen:

star citizen vulture

Star Citizen Vulture

Aside from the slight aesthetic differences – like how the Vulture is more streamlined and way sleekerย – it’s pretty hard to say those aren’t basically the same ships, one’s just a newer model. There’s nothing wrong with taking some creative inspiration from someone or something else, but some would say that this is borderline being a blatant copy.

Considering Star Citizen has over 2,000,000 backers and have raised north of $180,000,000 in crowd-sourced funding, it’s a little hard for me to make any excuses for CIG’s apparent design oversight regarding the Vulture. Like I said, taking inspiration from something is acceptable, but copying it while only making slight alterations is something different. It’s comparable to Chevrolet releasing a car that’s practically identical to an older Ford – probably not too good.

It’s not just the visual design that’s similar, the core functionality of the two ships are also identical. Even the names are extremely similar with only 2 letters differentiating them. Vulture / Venture.

CCP even acknowledged the similarities in a recent Tweet:

Personally, I like how the Vulture looks. I do think CIG probably could have used a different name to maybe add more separation between the two ships, but that’s just my opinion.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think it’s a copy? Do you think the internet has been overreacting to this? Let me know in the comments!ย 

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wasnt there another one that was pretty much stolen from eve too?