Star Citizen surpasses 2-million backers

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Back in 2012, a Kickstarter was launched for a game they were calling “Star Citizen”. Not too long after, that campaign turned into what’s now the biggest crowd-funded game in history. More recently, Star Citizen has surpassed 2-million backers and $180-million in crowd-sourced funding.

That’s 2-million people who have jumped behind a game that won’t even release for at least another couple of years. Some of those backers have even gone as far as to spend $30,000 on in-game ships!

Admittedly, I’m one of those 2-million, but most definitely not one of the whales.

In a recent press release, Chris Roberts stated “As Star Citizen has continued to grow over the years, so has the community in just as many astonishing and encouraging ways. The backers remain the foundation of this project and a beacon to the entire gaming industry and beyond. You are proving that PC games, space sims, and a willingness to push these artforms into new realms of innovation are alive and well, with more exciting possibilities than ever before.”

Chris went on to mention that players who were part of the initial 2,000,000 will receive special badges and in-game shirts to show off their support. Likewise, players who were around before the 1,000,000 mark was crossed will also have their own special badges and shirts.

“The 1M badge for those of you that were part of the first million backers, and the 2M for those brave adventurers that have joined us since, up to and including our two millionth Citizen.”

Not only is Star Citizen the biggest crowd-funded game to date, it consistently brings in more money than every other game on Kickstarter combined. In 2017 it raised more than $34-million alone, every other successful Kickstarter campaign for games totaled only $17.25-million. So, yeah, SC brought in basically double. Wow, right?

As of right now, according to the funding goals on the official website, there’s been $183,393,903 raised by 2,024,016 backers since 2012. The initial goal was only $65-million so there’s practically an entire game’s worth of funding left to spend. Consider this for a comparison, the 2nd most expensive game to make to date, GTA: V, cost around $137-million to develop (and another $128-million to market). Basically, once Star Citizen launches sometime after or around 2020, it will be one of the most expensive games ever made, period.

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