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If you’ve been following the development of Battlefront 2, you probably know all about the loot boxes and Star Cards. What you might not know is how much has changed regarding how those loot boxes work since the open beta just a few weeks ago.

star wars battlefront 2 open beta

If you have no clue about anything I just said, I’ll fill you in quickly. Originally, Battlefront 2’s only way to progress was via obtaining something called “Star Cards”. Those cards were only obtainable through loot boxes that you bought with in-game currency. The in-game currency could be bought with real world money… and I think you’re starting to see why that’s not good.

With Battlefront 2 set to release in less than 3-weeks, it wouldn’t be unfair to assume that nothing was going to change from the open beta. To be honest, I thought the same thing. But, we couldn’t have been more wrong.

An official release on EA’s website states that “The Beta gave us a welcome chance to test all of our systems in action and tune things up for better balance.” It then goes on to mention how EA decided to “take another look at how the progression system works” after receiving player feedback from the open beta.

It would seem that after taking another look at the progression system, EA decided that giving out the best, most powerful loot for money wasn’t a great idea. Instead, they’ve opted for a much more balanced approach that makes it near-impossible to buy your way to the top. Which is pretty much the polar opposite of the way it was during the open beta.

  • Epic Star Cards no longer drop in loot crates, they’re now obtained primarily through crafting. I would imagine some challenges will reward them as well, but that’s just speculation.
  • You can no longer upgrade cards at will. Upgrading Star Cards now has level requirements, hopefully balancing out the P2W aspect immensely.
  • Unlocking new weapons requires you to achieve class-specific milestones. Most gear unlocks will require you to play as that class until you earn the gear for that class – similar to Battlefield, especially the older ones.

In the official release, EA also mentions that “This system, as well as all of the others, will be continually iterated on and improved.” So, if something that’s been changed doesn’t sit well with you, there’s a chance it could be changed yet again down the road.

Personally, I like the changes that have been made. They not only cut way back on how P2W Battlefront 2 was turning out to be, but they also level the playing field in a lot of ways. It also shows that EA listened to feedback from the beta, which is almost surprising. I can’t think of many times that big changes were made between an open beta and release.

The best part of the whole release is EA’s affirmation that “All upcoming weapons, maps, heroes, and vehicles introduced in Star Wars Battlefront II’s post-release content will be free so that players can play alongside friends as the world of Star Wars Battlefront II continues to grow.” I’m a huge fan of this because the 2015 Battlefront had some pretty sad DLC that we had to pay for. It’s nice to see us getting something free for a change!

What are your thoughts? Do these changes sit well with you? Do you like them? Hate them? Let me know in the comments! 

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