Star Wars Battlefront 2 – So very disappointing

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Well, Battlefront 2 released last night for those with preorders. Wow, what a disaster. From loot boxes focused around driving microtransactions to limits on how many credits you can earn in a set amount of time in Arcade mode. What. A. Disaster.

To be honest, it shouldn’t be that surprising coming from the publisher of the most expensive game series ever, The Sims 3. You know, that game where you have to invest $75,000 to buy everything. The team who published that shouldn’t be able to surprise us so easily. But damn, EA really went full microtransaction this time. All in the name of profit.

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I’m really not one to bash companies or throw hate around, but EA seriously deserves a lot of backlash for the sad state of Battlefront 2. I’m not saying that random employees deserve death threats, but the company as a whole deserves the backlash. The individual devs were just doing their jobs, and they did an amazing job on the actual game itself. It’s the board of suits who make these kinds of decisions that we’re all so up in arms about.

Don’t attack the devs. They aren’t to blame here. It’s the publisher who makes these decisions, but still not at the individual level. There’s really no single person making these decisions, it’s generally a group who make a choice based on numbers they’re presented. The developers just build the game they’re told to.

I’m not joking, the actual gameplay is great. The graphics are amazing and performance is also great. The issue isn’t with Battlefront 2 itself, but with the money-making decisions that were implemented by EA to ultimately ruin it.

For instance, having a cap put on how many credits you can earn in arcade mode. You can only earn 500 credits every 2 hours, that’s it. It doesn’t matter if you play more, you just waste time and get nothing. This is a prime example of GREED. Seriously, EA? 500 credits every 2 hours? Outside of trying to force people into playing for longer/spending money, what’s the reasoning here?

Then you have the insanely low level of credits you can earn per match. I think the upper-threshold without considering challenges is around 400 assuming it’s a long map and goes the distance. If it ends in the first round you might end up with more like 150 credits. Pathetic.

Credits for finishing the campaign were also cut back by 75%. Instead of receiving 20000 credits for completing the campaign, now you get 5000.

The kicker is how EA addressed these shenanigans by saying they’re trying to give us a “sense of pride and accomplishment”. Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m not spending $60-$100 to grind my way into a false sense of “pride and accomplishment”. Nope, I’m spending $60-$100 for a few hours of exciting, unbridled entertainment. Instead, we’re given a clusterf*** of bullshittery that tries to force you into buying your false sense of “pride and accomplishment”. Nope. Not for me.

These are just a couple of points that have seriously ticked me off. I’m a gamer like most of you are, I love playing good games and Battlefront 2 WAS a good game…. Before EA decided to completely ruin it with terrible user experience choices to generate more revenue. At this stage, I feel bad for DICE. They clearly put a lot of hard work into building what should have been an incredible game, just to have it ruined by a terrible publisher.

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