Top 5: Best Gaming Keyboards Under $100 in 2019

Updated: February 2nd, 2020By: BrantonKeyboards16 Comments

best gaming keyboards under 100

For $100, you can get a keyboard that you can game hard on, or that you can use for typing and browsing, without looking like too much of a nerd. As you can see from our #1, you definitely don’t need to cap out your budget if you want the best.

Top 5: Best Audiophile Headphones for Gaming under $200

Updated: February 14th, 2020By: BrantonAudio37 Comments

What’s the difference between a gaming headset, and audiophile headphones? Simple, a gaming headset will always have an attached / built-in mic, will usually have some sort of flashy lights, and will more than likely claim “7.1 surround sound”.

5 Best CPU Coolers 2020 – Air and AIO Liquid!

Updated: February 14th, 2020By: BrantonReviews11 Comments

best cpu cooler 2018

Picking the best CPU cooler to use in your PC can be an overwhelming task, especially with the plethora of options available. That’s where we come in! We’ve tested a lot of CPU coolers to come up with what are the absolute best choices for various use cases.