Star Citizen STEALS a ship design from EVE Online?!!

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star citizen vulture

Which came first? The Venture or the Vulture? One was released years ago in 2012 and the other was released just a few days ago… Oh, Well… This is pretty much an open and shut comparison with an obvious answer… Or is it? Everyone’s favorite crowdfunding simulator, Star Citizen, has … Read More

Star Citizen surpasses 2-million backers

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Back in 2012, a Kickstarter was launched for a game they were calling “Star Citizen”. Not too long after, that campaign turned into what’s now the biggest crowd-funded game in history. More recently, Star Citizen has surpassed 2-million backers and $180-million in crowd-sourced funding. That’s 2-million people who have jumped … Read More

Squadron 42 – Pre-alpha gameplay footage released!

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Squadron 42, Roberts Space Industries’ single-player dive into the Star Citizen universe finally had some new gameplay footage released to close out 2017. It’s laggy at points, but overall very promising and includes tons of commentary by Chris Roberts. If you’re not quite sure what Squadron 42 is, let’s quickly … Read More