How much should you spend on a gaming PC?

Updated: June 8th, 2020By: BrantonGuides135 Comments

how much to spend on a gaming pc

Exactly how much do you need to spend on a gaming PC to get a build that’s worth your time? Well, that depends on if you plan to use your new PC for anything other than browsing & gaming, and roughly how good you want those games to actually look. … Read More

When should you upgrade an old gaming computer?

Updated: September 8th, 2021By: BrantonGuides84 Comments

when to upgrade old computer feature small

Upgrading hardware is a normal part of owning a gaming computer, but knowing when to do that can be challenging. New hardware releases all the time, but you might not have to upgrade every time something newer comes out. A GTX 780 might not need an upgrade quite yet, but … Read More