Squad Free Weekend June 21 – 24

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If you’re a fan of tactical gameplay with a heavy focus on communication, coordination, and most importantly teamwork; Squad is without a doubt a game you need to try! Luckily for you, there’s a free weekend going on right now so you can try it with zero obligations – it’ll … Read More

Battlefield 1’s Multiplayer is… great!

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Battlefield 1 officially released yesterday (not counting the preorder release of Oct 18th) and since then I’ve had some time to put a few hours into the various multiplayer game modes – haven’t touched single player outside of the intro sequence, yet. BF1 is definitely a fast-paced and exciting FPS, … Read More

Bohemia Interactive’s 2016 roadmap for Arma 3

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Bohemia Interactive’s military sim Arma 3 has been around coming up on 3 years now, and there are zero signs that development is slowing anytime soon. In this freshly released video roadmap, Creative Director Jay Crowe goes over the 10 biggest/best changes over 2015 and then the 10 biggest plans for 2016. … Read More