Battlefield 1’s Multiplayer is… great!

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Battlefield 1 officially released yesterday (not counting the preorder release of Oct 18th) and since then I’ve had some time to put a few hours into the various multiplayer game modes – haven’t touched single player outside of the intro sequence, yet. BF1 is definitely a fast-paced and exciting FPS, … Read More

Forza Horizon 3 – Coming to PC!

Updated: April 8th, 2018BrantonGaming & News7 Comments

Since the first Forza Motorsport released on the original Xbox way back in May of 2005, I’ve been hooked and it’s been the one game to keep me buying Xbox consoles – FH2 is actually the only game I play on my Xbone. But, thanks to Microsoft’s Xbox Play Anywhere program, Forza … Read More

Hitman: Sapienza (EP2) update – My impressions

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The newest installment into the recently released Hitman game dropped yesterday, and it’s definitely adding more of what I expected from this Hitman iteration. A big open map, lots of interactions, and most importantly, lots of ways to finish the primary contract – which is also pretty interesting. The map of Sapienza is really … Read More

The Culling – Closed alpha impressions

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Now that it’s been a few days since The Culling’s closed alpha, I’ve had some time to think about the gameplay and gather something of an opinion, a subjective opinion, but an opinion nonetheless. The Culling brings an awesome idea to the table, and executes it quite well, but for some … Read More