Star Citizen – Now you can buy land too

Updated: April 8th, 2018By: BrantonGaming & News2 Comments

Star Citizen, one of the largest crowdfunding projects ever, is getting another crowdfunding option in the form of digital real estate. Rather, beacons which can be used to claim land within UEE space once the mechanic goes live. The prices run at $50 for a basic 4x4km lot or $100 for an … Read More

No Man’s Sky is…. Good…? Atlas Rises

Updated: July 19th, 2018By: BrantonGaming & News, MiscLeave a Comment

No Man’s Sky. I honestly can’t think of another 3 words that remind me of both overzealous death threats and video games in the same breath. NMS launched just over a year ago and since that dire day Hello Games have made some serious strides within their procedurally generated universe. Update … Read More

Wishlist This: HELLION

Updated: April 8th, 2018By: BrantonGaming & NewsLeave a Comment

HELLION is an early access pre-alpha space sim/survival game that recently dropped onto Steam’s digital shelves. The phrase “pre-alpha” should tell you how far along in development this glittering gem is, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t Wishlist it! It might not be entirely playable by some people’s standards, yet, … Read More