The Culling closed alpha opens tomorrow (Feb 26th, 2016)

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The Culling is an upcoming Battle Royale-style FPS from developers Xaviant studios. 16 players have 20 minutes to scavenge gear, craft weapons, set traps and ultimately be the last person left standing. It sounds and looks like an awesome game so far, and you still have a chance to get in on the closed alpha which opens tomorrow (Feb 26th)!

The Hunger Games / Battle Royale-style setting is definitely going to be one of The Culling’s biggest draws for a lot of people, and it really sounds like something that has a lot of potential. With that said, there’s not a lot known about The Culling other than what’s said on their Steam page, and in the announcement video above. But that will all change tomorrow!

There are tonnes of weapons to craft & loot, but it sounds like the majority of the fighting will be focused on melee. That doesn’t mean there aren’t guns & other ranged weapons like bows, but that there seems to be more melee weapons than anything else – 24 to be exact. There are lots of different traps to craft & set also, just in case you’re feeling extra sneaky.

Customization also sounds like another focal point, and there are over 100 various cosmetic items available to unlock and customize your character with. Everyone gets one of these drops at the end of a match, and the more rare items are obviously going to be dished out to the top ranking players. These cosmetic items are also going to be tradeable on the Steam Market.

Xaviant is still taking applications for the closed alpha, and all you have to do is go to The Culling’s official site, and sign up! Otherwise, Steam early access will roll out on March 8th and will retail for around $15 USD.

What do you think about The Culling? Let me know below! 

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