The Forest flies its way out of Early Access on April 30th

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Everyone’s favorite logging-with-cannibals sim, The Forest, will be flying out of Early Access on April 30 after 4 years in the making. Along with the release of 1.0, there’s also going to be a small price increase from $14.99 to $19.99 and a bunch of new content added.

the forest

Not sure what The Forest is? It’s a single/multiplayer survival game built around the player surviving a jet crash in the middle of nowhere with a rather unhospitable local populace. Where The Forest branches off from most other survival games is how it’s presented; there’s an actual story with actual reasons to pursue it. Your whole reason for surviving is more than simply “build a big base” and that’s a huge part of what makes The Forest a great game.

If you haven’t played The Forest in a while, like a lot of us I would imagine, it’s definitely worth trying again due to the vast array of improvements over the past couple of years. Just in the past 12-months, The Forest has seen a plethora of updates, changes, and additions. Just to name a few there are new weapons, more/better crafting, much-improved performance, higher-quality textures, reworked survival systems, smarter AI, better multiplayer, and overall improvements to the endgame.

The 1.0 update will add things like full controller support, a better cold/warmth system with actual clothing, new crafting, new buildings, more performance¬†optimizations, and most importantly “new reasons and resources” to take on the enemy AI. And, of course, a small price increase from $14.99 to $19.99.

Alongside the 1.0 update, the devs have stated that “there will more details regarding a VR game mode “closer to release”, as well as more information on other changes, additions and improvements.” VR in The Forest would be rather terrifying, so I’m pretty hyped to try that out. I’m also interested in learning what the new changes, additions, and improvements are set to be.

Since there aren’t any good PC-specific trailers to showcase any of the new additions over the past 3-years, I’ll just go ahead and drop the PS4 announcement trailer down here instead as its the most recent official trailer.

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