The Star Wars: Battlefront balancing wasn’t that bad

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A lot of people have had complaints about how difficult it was for the Rebels to take down the AT-ATs in the Walker Assault game mode on Hoth, but personally, I didn’t find it that bad. I actually thought the balancing stayed pretty true to how difficult the Hoth battle seemed in The Empire Strikes Back. 


There is really no point (that I can think of) in any of the Star Wars movies that the Rebels had a clear advantage, or when their fights were evenly balanced. The Rebels almost always had to use guerilla-style tactics mixed with a bit of ingenuity to fight off the better equipped and more numerous Imperials. Yeah, I understand that Battlefront is a game and that most of the people complaining about the balance likely haven’t even seen the old Star Wars movies, but I personally liked how difficult it was from the Rebel side to win the Walker Assault in the beta.

Battlefront is a game where losing can still be a lot of fun, the matches I played were all fairly balanced and were definitely enjoyable, even when we couldn’t quite down both AT-ATs as Rebels, and when we lost them as Imperials. As the beta progressed, you really started to see a lot more Rebel wins on Hoth, and I think it’s entirely due to people getting used to the game mechanics and this is another reason I think the balance was “good enough”. There’s a lot going on in a Walker Assault scenario, and it only makes sense to assume it would take time for us to learn how everything works, and what works best.


Controlling the air is another way that the Rebels can control the flow of battle on Hoth, and this is another thing I really noticed a lot more on the last day of the beta as opposed to the first or second. Learning where all of the pickups appear is key to really dominating, and I kind of think that a lot of the people who are complaining about the balance didn’t know where to find things to help even the field. Honestly, the most sure-fire way to take down the AT-ATs is by controlling the air, especially on the last leg when the snowspeeders become available.

The one pickup that did the absolute most damage to the AT-ATs was by far the Orbital Strike, it would do tremendous damage and it really only took a few to destroy one of the walkers. Using the snowspeeder’s tow cable to hook the legs is another really easy way to take one of the walkers down, but autopilot will probably fly you into something.

One place I did notice a bit of an issue was the placement of a couple of the uplinks, one in particular that was inside of the hangar. The Imperials could easily use the AT-AT to hammer the inside of the hangar with massive amounts of firepower, completely destroying everyone inside, and this was definitely annoying. Maybe moving this point to the other side of the hangar would fix this issue?

All-in-all, I really felt that the overall balance in Battlefront beta was pretty decent. A couple of the uplink points on Hoth could definitely be moved around, and maybe the AT-ATs could be made something like 5% weaker, but I honestly didn’t see much of a problem and it really made you feel like “I’m in Star Wars” while you’re being pummelled by a 20 meter tall machine of death. The last thing we have to consider is that Walker Assault is only 1 out of the 7 game modes. I go a little more in-depth into things over in my Battlefront beta impressions post.


If you missed out on your chance to get in on the Star Wars: Battlefront beta, then you’re in luck because the full game releases on November 17th, so you don’t have long to wait! Over 9-million people took part in the Battlefront beta, and it got an immense amount of positive feedback along with the balancing complaints. It’s definitely going to be an awesome game, and one of the rare titles that I actually preordered – there has been a few of those this year!

Before you do preorder, you should probably double check Battlefront’s insane system requirements to make sure that your PC fits the bill! This rendition of the recommended specs is way overkill, and people reported running it on some pretty shoddy setups with very little problems, so don’t let the ridiculous recommended specs dissuade you too much. 

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