There’s 17 minutes of new Firewatch gameplay – and it looks great

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Firewatch is an upcoming action-adventure game that puts you in control of a Wyoming park ranger attempting to keep his part of the forest safe from partying teens, fires, and whatever else might endanger the woods. It’s being developed by the newly formed Campo Santo, which was put together by former devs from Telltale, 2K Marin and Double Fine. This new bit of gameplay is played and narrated by game devs Sean Vanaman and Jake Rodkin, and they do their best to leave out any major spoilers.

This video picks up where the last released gameplay left off, which was released to IGN last March, and between the two videos I’ve gotten pretty excited about Firewatch. The exploration seems pretty awesome, and I can imagine myself wandering aimlessly to look at the scenery – completely forgetting the obligatory fire watch duties for at least a little while. It’s only single-player, but I don’t think that will be too much of an issue considering it’s a story-driven mystery that you’re slowly uncovering.

All-in-all, it seems like a great game and Firewatch will release to Windows, Linux, Mac, and PS4 on February 9th, 2016.



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