7 Tips You Must Follow for a Better Gaming Experience

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Last updated Jan 22, 2022

If the fret of eliminating first from your favorite online game due to your lagging computer or slow internet connection annoys you the most, you are in the right place. In this article, we will discuss the top tips that will help you to maintain a good form in gaming.

So, let’s start with computers as they are an integral part of your game, so it’s good to keep them in the best shape.

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Tip 1: Free Up Your Hard Drive

Certainly, the first and foremost thing that you should do to improve your gaming experience is hard drive clean-up. Make sure to delete all the applications, files, bloatware, or any other item that you do not need anymore.

Deleting redundant data from the hard drive will make more space on social media and let you play the games without experiencing lags. Clean the disk frequently so that the temp files or cache data do not occupy storage unnecessarily.

Also, you can relocate some data to external storage. A USB flash stick and a hard drive offer a great solution, as does cloud storage for those who like a more digital approach.

Tip 2: Learn Computer Tricks for Efficiency

Your computer proficiency skills contribute to your chances of winning an online game. You should know the quick ways to perform various actions and must be familiar with the game settings. For example, you should know what to do if you are interested in sharing a screen on mac or Windows computer, in case you need some feedback or improvement tips from other people who are watching your gameplay.

Getting acquainted with keyboard commands will enable you to improve your gaming while increasing your overall productivity. It will help you to complete your projects and assignments faster in a shorter period as you don’t have to flicker between the keyboard and the mouse.

Tip 3: Try Different Gaming Clients

Get games from different clients while playing games on your Windows and Mac computers. This way, you can enjoy a variety of games at a relatively lower price. In addition, you can buy games from the Mac App Store by tapping on the sidebar tab meant for games.

Apple updates its app store regularly to add more games and offer more features. However, you may end up spending more to get games on the Mac App Store. Some of the games stores from where you can get your favorite games online include Steam, Origin, Humble Bundle, and Blizzard’s Battle.net.

Tip 4: Try Gaming Controller


Use a gaming controller to level up your gaming experience, particularly when you are playing a racing or shooting game. Wireless controllers give you comfort as you do not have to tackle the bunch of wires spreading all around your gaming Setup.

The type of controller you choose depends on your gaming and other preferences. You can even invest in a comfortable wrist rest accessory for seamless and painless gaming. If you like playing strategy and brain games, having a wireless keyboard and mouse is essential for a better gaming experience.

Tip 5: Perform a Thorough Research

Explore the internet to find some useful tips on playing your favorite game proficiently. You can watch YouTube videos to check how professional users are playing and what sources they are following for the best gaming experience.

If you wish, you can read some strategy guides to learn more about your favorite games. Some online channels provide a lot of user-created guides and helpful tips for improving the gaming experience.

Tip 6: Optimize Your Computer Performance

A number of factors are responsible for degrading the performance of your computer, such as login apps, resource-heavy apps, redundant software, to name a few. Disable startup items as they might be consuming significant system resources, including processing power and memory.

When you stop unnecessary startup apps from running in the background, they will release the resources they consume. This will further enable the games to take their share of resources to run as expected. Removing redundant apps will accelerate your computer performance, making it optimized for gaming.

Tip 7: Download Games From Reliable Sources

PS4 gaming

As discussed earlier, you can download games from the Mac App Store and online gaming clients. More to it, you can download games or play online on various websites. However, when you download a game, do not forget to check the credibility of the source you are using for downloads.

Also, have an antivirus app installed on your computer as it will protect your computer and its data from online threats. Whether or not you are downloading games from the web, It is vital to have a reliable antivirus on all the devices you use.


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