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Wishlist this is a segment done here at PC Game Haven that covers awesome early access games that you should follow. Not necessarily buy, but definitely wishlist. This entry, They Are Billions, is an addictive RTS with wave defense elements. Oh, and zombies, lots of zombies. In fact, there might even be too many zombies.

They Are Billions is a take on the classic RTS genre with a bit of a twist. Instead of competing against other players or another team, the only thing you’re fighting for is the survival of your colony against unending hordes of zombies. It’s kind of like Banished, but with thousands of zombies.

Since it’s Early Access, it’s a little rough; some balancing is definitely needed (I haven’t made it past day 75 on any difficulty or length, yet) and more variety would be nice, but those points don’t hold They Are Billions back from being a very addictive RTS with a ton of replayability. The art-style also has a relatively unique cartoony yet gritty feeling to it, similar to what a lot of other indie games have been doing lately.

There’s currently only one game mode (survival) but there will be a full campaign added later on.

The RTS elements are pretty much standard in terms of what you should focus on, only TAB is more defense-oriented. Going on the offensive often isn’t the best option and doing so will generally leave your base open for attack, unless you have an insane amount of troops. You’ll want to be focusing on securing resources, building defenses, researching new tech, and expanding your army – the core mechanics are not much different than most other real-time strategy games.

Right from the start, you’re thrown directly into the fray on a randomly generated map without so much as a tutorial on the basic key bindings. From there it’s entirely up to you if your colony survives or not. As the days tick on, your township will grow and the risks posed by the zombies will be slowly increasing.

Eventually, you’ll be hit by your first horde. It won’t be big, and unless you have absolutely no walls it probably won’t end your game. But from that point on, the hordes continually get bigger until they inevitably overrun your colony and force you to capitulate.

If you’re like me, you’ll fail over and over and over again. You’ll watch your colony grow into something big and productive, and then a minute later become completely overrun by zombies more times than you’ll care to remember. But, as soon as the inevitable end comes, you’ll find yourself starting a newer, better, more alive colony that’ll definitely survive this time… Maybe…

Get used to seeing that screen, because I can guarantee you’ll be seeing it a lot in They Are Billions.

All-in-all, I definitely think that you should follow the development of They Are Billions. Or, pick it up and try it for yourself! Judging it based on day-1 of Early Access, I feel that Numantian Games has really put a lot of work into TAB and it shows. But, anything could happen as we’ve seen with dozens of other Early Access titles. If nothing else, there are no loot boxes nor microtransactions.

What are your thoughts? Does They Are Billions sound interesting to you? Let me know in the comments! 

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