Best 4TB SSDs on the Market

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4 TB SSD Review

A fully equipped rig is one that’s fast, has lots of storage, and is unfailing when you need it, and with an SSD you can tick all of these boxes, and more. If you’re shopping for a 4TB SSD specifically, there’s a lot to think about to ensure you get the … Read More

What to Do When Steam Content File Locked

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Steam Content File Locked

Steam has become the ultimate tool for PC gaming and it gives users to access their favorite games and download new ones. For all of the joy it’s brought gamers, there’s also some frustration, as common errors like the ‘content file locked’ one pop up from time to time. What … Read More

Discord JavaScript Error: What to Do?

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Javascript error in Discord solutions

There’s no denying that Discord has changed many people’s lives and given an efficient way to communicate online. One of the most annoying things about the program though is the JavaScript error that sometimes pops up, and it’s a common issue for many users. What is the Discord Javascript error? … Read More

Anti-Aliasing: The Gamer’s Guide

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Guide on Anti-Aliasing

A true gamer knows that their gameplay can only be as good as their screen allows and whether this means choosing the right monitor or adjusting the settings to the perfect level, it’s worth the effort. Anti-aliasing is a common setting found in most games, and if you’ve looked at … Read More

We Rate the DXRacer Gaming Chairs Series

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DXRacer Gaming Chairs Series

A good gamer takes their chair seriously and understands the importance of choosing a base that is supportive, stylish, and suitable to their needs. DX Racer is a premium manufacturer of gaming chairs and a favorite among many of us, but does their range deserve all the hype? Are DXRacer … Read More

Best Microphone For Streaming

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Microphone For Streaming Review

Most gamers do not think about a dedicated microphone when building a gaming PC.Instead, they look for a gaming headset with a high-quality mic. Usually, that would be smooth for in-game communication and voice chats, if any.However, when you start streaming, the whole story changes a bit. Contrary to what … Read More