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2022’s Best Gaming Routers

In this piece, we will be detailing the best gaming routers available. We are going to consider several factors including speed, wireless standard, and processor.   As we highlighted in our article on whether a gaming router really makes a difference in game play,...

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What to Do When Steam Content File Locked

Steam has become the ultimate tool for PC gaming and it gives users to access their favorite games and download new ones. For all of the joy it’s brought gamers, there’s also some frustration, as common errors like the ‘content file locked’ one pop up from time to...

Steam Content File Locked
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Discord JavaScript Error: What to Do?

There's no denying that Discord has changed many people's lives and given an efficient way to communicate online. One of the most annoying things about the program though is the JavaScript error that sometimes pops up, and it’s a common issue for many users. What...

Javascript error in Discord solutions
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10 Best Video Games of 2024

We’re almost at the end of Q1 for this year and as far as game releases are concerned, this past (almost) 3 months have been nothing short of ground-breaking. More than 25 chart-topping games have hit the market so far, for some of which game keys are currently on...

top 3 video games of 2020 - animal crossing, cyberpunk 2077, resident evil 3