November 2021 Free Giveway!

We recently reviewed an awesome pair of gaming headphones. Check out the review HERE.  We have decided to give a pair away just in time for Christmas and the holiday season. Please enter the giveway using the Gleam competion below. Good luck!EKSA E910 5.8GHz...

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Gaming PC Builds

The Best Gaming PC Build For $700 in 2021

Looking to build the best gaming PC for $700? It just so happens that this particular build delivers everything you could hope for and more; without completely destroying your wallet. This $700 DIY build features the 6-core/12-thread AMD R5 2600, a 6GB GTX 1660,...

PC build for 700

New EKSA E910 5.8GHz Wireless Gaming Headset Review

The new EKSA E910 5.8GHz Wireless Gaming Headset provides nice smooth surround sound, good mic quality, and lots of bass. Thanks to its high frequency band you are sure to have a great experience whether gaming or relaxing to tunes. So, without further ado let’s...


Best 4TB SSDs on the Market

A fully equipped rig is one that’s fast, has lots of storage, and is unfailing when you need it, and with an SSD you can tick all of these boxes, and more. If you’re shopping for a 4TB SSD specifically, there’s a lot to think about to ensure you get the right one....

4 TB SSD Review

What to Do When Steam Content File Locked

Steam has become the ultimate tool for PC gaming and it gives users to access their favorite games and download new ones. For all of the joy it’s brought gamers, there’s also some frustration, as common errors like the ‘content file locked’ one pop up from time to...

Steam Content File Locked
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Discord JavaScript Error: What to Do?

There's no denying that Discord has changed many people's lives and given an efficient way to communicate online. One of the most annoying things about the program though is the JavaScript error that sometimes pops up, and it’s a common issue for many users. What...

Javascript error in Discord solutions

Anti-Aliasing: The Gamer’s Guide

A true gamer knows that their gameplay can only be as good as their screen allows and whether this means choosing the right monitor or adjusting the settings to the perfect level, it's worth the effort. Anti-aliasing is a common setting found in most games, and if...

Guide on Anti-Aliasing