Is Radical Heights already dying?

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radical heights player count

It kind of looks that way… On April 9th, Boss Key announced their newest game in the form of a F2P¬†Battle Royale, Radical Heights. It was a 5-month passion project that was set to take the Battle Royale scene by storm. A project that Cliffy B must have been pretty … Read More

Star Citizen surpasses 2-million backers

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Back in 2012, a Kickstarter was launched for a game they were calling “Star Citizen”. Not too long after, that campaign turned into what’s now the biggest crowd-funded game in history. More recently, Star Citizen has surpassed 2-million backers and $180-million in crowd-sourced funding. That’s 2-million people who have jumped … Read More

Conan Exiles to leave Early Access on May 8th!

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For a brief moment in time, practically every other game that released was a multiplayer survival sim with crafting and/or base building. The vast majority were released as Early Access in various stages of development.¬†Conan Exiles was one of the very last to hit Early Access right before PUBG dropped … Read More