The Corsair K100 Air Wireless RGB Keyboard – A Review

Written by Lucas

Last updated Nov 27, 2023

If you take gaming seriously at all, you probably already know that mechanical keyboards rule the personal computer peripheral world. A typical membrane board cannot compare to a mechanical keyboard in terms of consistency, longevity, and feel. Finding one that is ideally suited to your needs can be a difficult and confusing process, though, because there are so many possibilities available.

Choosing the Right Mechanical Keyboard

Most people looking for a new keyboard to improve their skills fall into one of two categories. There are two types of people: those who want the least expensive out-of-the-box keyboard that will work and those who are prepared to spend thousands on a custom build. Some of us fall somewhere in the center; we desire excellent experiences from reputable brands without spending a fortune.

Corsair K100 Ultra-thin Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Where do you, however, draw the line between price and quality? The leader in PC accessories, Corsair, appears to have the solution. With a startling $280 price tag, their K100 Ultra-thin Wireless Mechanical keyboard is one of, if not the most expensive pre-built keyboards to date. But why does this pre-built home cost more than some custom homes? Is its low-profile design the upcoming big thing, and if so, is the price tag justified?

Thus, out-of-the-box keyboards like the BlackWidow, K70, and Quick Fire Rapid dominated both the consumer and Esports markets in the 2010s as PC gaming grew in popularity. But because brands were focusing so much of their marketing on competitive gaming, it left a little gap in the mechanical keyboard market.

Simple fact: Using a mechanical keyboard feels fantastic, whether you use it to complete your assignments or simply to win tournaments. Even while the major manufacturers ultimately began providing the typical buyer with more customization options, such as different switches or macro keys, some people still desired more.

The Rise of Low-Profile Keyboards

Recently, one big trend stood out, low-profile keyboards. Inspired heavily by Max, keyboards like the Logitech 915 or the Razer DeathStalker offer a slimmer case, chiclet keycaps, and a wireless Bluetooth connection. The newest entry to that space is the Corsair K100 Air. Corsair have been in the PC peripherals game for a long time and legitimately make everything.

However, the most recent product from Corsair is rather pricey. The new K100 Air costs $280, which is more than any of its rivals and pretty much any other pre-built product on the market. The expensive pricing has drawn more attention than the keyboard’s actual features.

Design and Durability: A Closer Look at the Corsair K100 Air

Let’s try to be understanding here; after all, this thing’s specifications are what drive its outrageous price. This keyboard offers a battery life of up to 200 hours when the RGB options are off, in addition to being able to connect to and switch between four different devices instantly. The K100 Air sports an aluminum face plate, and its 17mm thick mechanical keyboard is the thinnest one currently in use. The Razer is 24.3mm, while the Logitech measures 22mm. The remaining specifications are quite typical and in line with what modern buyers would anticipate from a high-end Corsair.

Corsair K100 Air mechanical keyboard with setup

The keyboard is, in fact, exactly as described. If you don’t want it flush with your desk, it has risers that can give you an elevation of roughly half an inch. The board itself is quite durable, and it features a screen that displays LED indicators and a good brush black metal front plate, all of which contribute to its stylish appearance. It is secured to your desk with a rubber strip at the bottom. Along with a row of media buttons and a gorgeous aluminum volume slider, there are four customizable keys.  

Final Thoughts

The K100 Air is a bit of an enigma, it does what it claims to do very well, it just isn’t clear who it’s really suited for and if you are looking for a keyboard with these features then there are cheaper alternatives. In fact, Logitech and Razer keyboards mentioned above are less expensive than the K100 Air and the Keychron K3 is wireless, low profile and is hot swappable which of course has high end competitors not for only $84. It may not have all the same features or build quality but you get so much for around a third of the price. After everything, I appreciate what this keyboard can do and fully understand that there are people out there who want a pre built this premium.

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