AMD’s Radeon VII in the hands of reviewers

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radeon vii

AMD’s newest flagship graphics card, the Radeon VII, has finally hit the hands of reviewers amid a swarm of unboxing videos… Whoopie, everyone’s favorite… Early results show it keeping up with Nvidia’s 2-year old GTX 1080 Ti as well as being on par with their new RTX 2080. However, no … Read More

Anthem’s release schedule isn’t that strange

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anthem release schedule small

There’s a lot of outrage, but most of it is sensationalized click-bait. Let’s break down what the Anthem release schedule says before we get too angry and break out the pitchforks and torches. On February 1st, everyone who preordered Anthem, or is subscribed to one of the various levels of … Read More

Radeon VII trades blows with the RTX 2080

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radeon 7 vs rtx 2080

In some recently leaked benchmarks, AMD’s new powerhouse the 7nm Radeon VII is shown as beating Nvidia’s RTX 2080 in certain scenarios… And losing to the RTX 2070 (and lesser cards) in others. Let’s take a look! According to leaked synthetic benchmarks pulled from 3DMark’s Fire Strike 1.1, a “Generic VGA(x1)” … Read More

GTX 1660 Ti rumors confirmed by EEC filings

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gtx 1660 ti release date price

More Turing-based graphics cards are on their way. When they’ll drop is up to speculation, but we now have confirmation of the GTX 1660 Ti’s existence, if nothing else. Companies like MSI and Gigabyte have recently filed with the EEC to announce upcoming releases. In those filings, (here’s MSI’s) we … Read More